Rumors about GTA 6 first look have been flowing around for quite a while now since Rockstar announced they have been working on it. We have had many leaks and possible plots regarding the newest entry in the GTA Universe. 

Some points that we already know include siblings as main protagonists with one of them being a female character. We’ve also had allegedly the first leaked screenshots of the game displaying a house that hinted a lot at a possible GTA 6 location. 

Now, 2 music artists by the names of Ktypto9095, a famous rapper and well-known on YouTube for making GTA content, and EL nitro, an acclaimed musician, spilled out some beans on the upcoming GTA 6. Apparently, someone asked El Nitro on Twitter about when the trailer will be launched, to which he replied soon. He then also Tweeted that the game would take place in one city and on two different timelines.

Without revealing too much about anything, Krypto9095 showcased a Rockstar sticker or a tag and captioned GTA 6 is coming. El Nitro commented on the post by writing ‘Partner’, making us believe they might somehow be involved in the game. 

According to various other leaks and predictions, it is expected that the GTA 6 trailer will indeed drop this year and fans are really excited about it.

However, all this is just speculation, it could be that El Nitro and Krypto9095 are just trolling us, so take this with a grain of salt. As for the possible release date of GTA 6, we have no information from Rockstar themselves. But, according to a leaked presentation of a publisher, it is expected that the game will launch somewhere in the second half of 2024

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