New Leak Confirms GTA Tokyo Was Once In Development

GTA In Japan Would've Been Incredible!

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  • Rockstar has faced a new leak that revealed Bully 2, DLCs for GTA 5, and Midnight Club 5 were canceled.
  • The leak also revealed that GTA Tokyo for PS2 was canceled.
  • GTA Tokyo could have introduced a completely new vibe to Grand Theft Auto, so it can be considered a massive missed opportunity.

With Rockstar finally recovering from last year’s leak and dealing with the person responsible, it faced another trial yesterday. The GTA 5 source code is out in the wild, with the leak revealing that Bully 2 and eight-story DLC packs for GTA 5 were canceled.

These weren’t the only projects that were canceled, however, since GTA Tokyo was canceled before it could become a major project.

Why it matters: Rockstar typically visits a few settings like the atmospheric Liberty City of GTA 4 and the reimagined Vice City of GTA 6. Therefore, a game set in Tokyo would have been a much-needed change for this IP.

Rockstar was working on the Japanese-themed Grand Theft Auto for PS2, providing a new setting for the franchise.

In addition to this project, the studio canceled Midnight Club 5. This cancelation may have marked the end of the series since the developer has left it without any new titles for over 15 years.

Rumors about this Grand Theft Auto project were already floating around as early as 2016. The studio’s latest leak confirms that they were valid, with the project being canceled before an official announcement.

Back then, Rockstar had a very busy schedule. Every few years, the team created a new Grand Theft Auto title while working on spin-offs for the series. Additionally, IPs like Midnight Club were frequently released by the developer.

Still, GTA Tokyo was likely a game brimming with potential. Recently, franchises like Yakuza have shown the potential for open-world style games set in the bustling streets of Japan.

Rockstar could have also dived into the racing and car culture of this setting, making for an intriguing narrative.

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That is exactly why we think GTA Tokyo could have been successful. The game would have featured a completely different setting from traditional Rockstar releases, and who doesn’t like Japanese culture?

This could have been the beginning of different cities joining the IP.

Following the GTA 6 reveal, we learned that Vice City is returning. While this setting is full of nostalgia for us and millions of Grand Theft Auto fans, a completely different setting like Tokyo sounds much more appealing to us.

Anyhow, the studio has left this canceled project in the past. Rockstar is now focused on the 2025 release of GTA 6, which is expected to provide around 35 hours of modern Grand Theft Auto mayhem in Vice City.

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