The year 2022 gets off to an excellent start for gamers, as the global supply of graphic cards continues to improve and prices continue to fall. Last time, we reported news regarding how Nvidia’s star GPU GTX 1660 Super has been hit by a significant price drop. Well, we have another exciting piece of information regarding the current trend of falling prices of graphic cards, as this time it is not a single model of GPU, but instead, the overall prices of graphic cards from AMD and Nvidia have fallen to a new lowest price point yet since last two years almost.

Graphic Card Prices Falling
Trend Of Prices Falling, Source: 3Dcenter

According to 3Dcenter, Graphics cards prices are down compared to what they were just last month and have now reached an average price exaggeration of +25 per cent on the (converted) US list price for both AMD and Nvidia, which has never been seen before in the years 2021-2022. This means that currently, graphic cards, on average, are just 25% higher than the actual price of graphic cards upon release. This may still seem a lot, but do not forget that prices of the same graphic cards were over 218 per cent of the actual price just a year ago, which was unbelievable and expected to not come down anytime soon due to the Crypto Mining boom.

AMD and Nvidia Price Comparsion
AMD And NVIDIA Price Comparsion

More recently, the average price rise for NVIDIA graphics cards went from 87 per cent to 25 per cent. In contrast, AMD’s average value fell from 83 per cent to 25 per cent, compared to a minor peak in mid-December last year – yeah, both graphics cards are now “only” more expensive than average. It costs 25% more than the initial pricing. Nvidia prices have improved better than AMD pricing, with +25 per cent price exaggeration on both sides: AMD graphics cards have lost a total of -10 percentage points in price exaggeration since the beginning of March, while Nvidia has lost a total of -16 percentage points.  

On the other hand, graphics card supply has continuously increased, and the Ethereum market has rebounded dramatically in the previous month, but this has had no effect on the continued decrease in graphics card pricing. It shows that the real culprit behind the high prices of GPU was not only crypto markets alone but also a lot of other factors, such as Covid-19, which caused major supply shortages.

AMD Prices
Prices Of AMD GPUs, Source: 3Dcenter
Nvidia Price List
Prices of Nvidia GPUs, Source: 3Dcenter

All models, regardless of which company, are declining. The RTX 3070 Ti has dropped the most by 26% compared to the start of the year, followed by the RTX 3080 10GB (22%) and the RTX 3060 Ti (21%). The RX 6700 XT (15%) from AMD has the biggest decline. The RX 6800 now has the largest premium (53%), followed by the RX 6800 XT (47%), and the RTX 3060 Ti, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080 10GB (all 33-34%).

Even with all the price drops, there is no rush to buy graphics lately as it was before. It is difficult to understand why that is as there are a number of factors that could affect purchasing behaviour. Maybe people are simply just waiting for the next generation of graphic cards from Nvidia and AMD as they have already waited too long to settle for a year old graphic card model now. We fully expect prices to be completely normal in the next few months as long as we do not see another upset like Covid-19.

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