Gotham Knights Dev Helping Wonder Woman Development

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WB Games Montreal Joins Forces With Monolith!

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  • Wonder Woman was first announced in 2021.
  • While the game is being developed by Monolith Productions, we have found a job listing stating that WB Games Montreal is also supporting it.
  • The developer recently worked on Gotham Knights, which was one of 2022’s more disappointing AAA releases.

Superhero games are on an upward spiral, with various gaming adaptations currently in the works. Among them, one is the highly anticipated Wonder Woman game, which was announced in 2021.

Helmed by Monolith Productions, the team behind Middle-earth: Shadow of War, this game seeks to use mechanics like the Nemesis system for a high-quality single-player experience.

We have also found a job listing that confirms WB Games Montreal’s involvement in the project. The team is hiring an External Development Artist to support the development of the new Wonder Woman game.

Wonder Woman Job Listing
Source: Job Listing For External Development Artist

WB Games Montreal is currently looking to add an External Development Artist, Level Art, to its team. However, the description confirms that this employee will not be limited to work on WB Games Montreal’s project.

Your first mandate amongst us will be to work closely with our team and support Monolith Productions on their Wonder Woman game.

– WB Games Montreal Job Description

While the job listing does not reveal the extent of this team’s involvement in the development, it appears both studios are working closely.

This practice is already quite common in the gaming industry since AAA productions require external support due to the scope of such projects. Instead of outsourcing work, it seems Monolith Productions is borrowing support from a fellow Warner Bros team.

While Gotham Knights launched in a poor technical state and received criticism, the studio could use past lessons to help Wonder Woman avoid a similar fate since it is positioned as a premium superhero game for Warner Bros.

The studio has over a decade of experience with superhero games, while Monolith Productions is quite new to the genre. Therefore, this experience could shape Wonder Woman into a better title overall.

Warner Bros Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Could Borrow The Combat System From Monolith’s Past Melee-Based Games

Official details about Wonder Woman are still far and few between despite the announcement happening in 2021. According to rumors, it will feature 60FPS and visuals similar to Gotham Knights.

Earlier rumors also pointed at a live service approach for this title. However, Warner Bros was quick to debunk the rumors, confirming a single-player experience.

We hope to learn more about this game in 2024. With Warner Bros recently failing to impress audiences through Suicide Squad, a new reveal could finally bring more positivity to games based on DC Comics.

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