Wonder Woman Supports 60FPS on Consoles, Insider Claims

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Loot Mechanics Like God of War Expected!

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  • Wonder Woman is the next game from Monolith Productions after 2017’s Shadow of War.
  • A reliable leaker claims the game is currently running at 30FPS, but a 60FPS mode is planned for the final release.
  • The game is expected to feature loot similar to the new God of War games.

Being one of the most popular comic book characters, Wonder Woman is part of the DC trinity.

The superhero is finally receiving a single-player gaming adaptation from Monolith Productions, the studio that introduced the revolutionary Nemesis system in the Middle-earth games.

While its latest game has remained a mystery since the 2021 reveal, a reliable leaker claims Wonder Woman currently runs at 30FPS. However, Monolith Productions is aiming for a 60FPS performance mode.

Why it matters: Games like Redfall and Gotham Knights faced harsh reactions for running at 30FPS. Therefore, any game running at this frame rate on the latest consoles is likely to be criticized.

YouTube video

During the latest episode of the Xbox Era podcast, Nick Baker had a few details to share about Wonder Woman. He confirmed that 60FPS is a priority for the developers and said:

“It is currently 30FPS, but they are pushing for the performance mode.”

Nick compared the game’s visuals to Gotham Knights, stating they would be a bit better but in the same ballpark. The backlash from Gotham Knight’s poor performance across all platforms likely encouraged Monolith Productions to pursue a higher frame rate.

Gotham Knights not only looked mediocre but ran terribly across all platforms. It could aim for 60FPS on PC, but this platform was also plagued with stuttering problems. Hopefully, Wonder Woman will launch in a better state.

Warner Bros Wonder Woman

According to the leaker, the game will feature loot mechanics similar to God of War. This should include armor pieces like boots for Diana. Additionally, the game’s traversal system sounds quite promising, with the leaker comparing it to Crackdown.

We believe 60FPS is the bare minimum for new AAA titles, and pursuing this target is a wise decision from the studio. Since Wonder Woman has not been too prominent in the gaming industry, we look forward to Monolith Productions’ take on the character.

Hopefully, the studio will deliver a superhero game that lives up to the same standard of quality set by its previous Middle-earth games.

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