Wonder Woman Game Is Live Service Title, Job Listing Suggests

Warner Bros Doubles Down On GaaS Model!

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  • Warner Bros has chosen to double down on the GaaS model.
  • A job listing for the Wonder Woman game suggests they’re adopting the live service model for the game.
  • The Nemesis system will return, so it may play a part in the live service elements of the game.

GaaS is becoming a hot trend in the world of gaming these days. Despite opinions on the decline of “games as a service, Warner Bros and the creative forces behind the upcoming Wonder Woman game are steadfast in showcasing the contrary. 

WB is currently hiring a Lead Software Engineer for the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman game. According to the job listing, the game will adopt the live service gaming model.

Why it matters: This job listing demonstrates WB’s trust in the GaaS model. Earlier this month, the company confirmed its focus on live service games, doubling down on its approach.

Wonder Woman Live Service

The listing highlights the importance of “keeping a software product or game live.” This emphasizes WB’s commitment to incorporating live service features into their major releases.

Wonder Woman will incorporate the Nemesis system from Monolith Productions’ past games. Therefore, it is possible that this system could be part of the live service model, allowing Warner Bros to maintain a revenue stream post-release.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav recently revealed the company’s commitment to expanding the Games as a Service model. Zaslav highlighted the power of their major franchises – Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, DC (especially Batman), and Mortal Kombat – each valued at an impressive $1 billion in the gaming industry.

The strategy focuses on transitioning these big franchises from traditional console and PC releases to a more dynamic model. This transition involves adopting always-on gameplay through live services, making them accessible across multiple platforms, and introducing free-to-play extensions.

Wonder Woman Concept Art Leaked

Zaslav’s vision is straightforward – they want to engage a broader audience and encourage players to spend more time on different platforms.

WB’s move to the live service model might face challenges, as seen with recent issues for other big companies. Recently, PlayStation delayed 6 live service games due to quality concerns. Moreover, SEGA had to cancel Hyenas – another live service failure.

While some may doubt the long-term success of the live service model, Warner Bros. Discovery seems determined to enhance the gaming experience through GaaS. Their goal is straightforward – to boost involvement and earnings over extended periods.

Warner Bros. Discovery imagines the future of gaming through the Wonder Woman live service game. It is evident that the company is willing to take the risk of implementing the Games as a Service model in their upcoming titles.

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