Cliff Bleszinski Wanted To Make A First Person Gears Game

Before Microsoft Acquired The Gears franchise, Cliff Bleszinski Had Considered First-person Perspective For Gears 4!

The Gears franchise has become famous for its third-person shooting gameplay since its arrival on the Xbox 360 and PC. A hefty movement system, combined with cover-based shooting, helped the games rise to popularity, and Gears has remained relevant to this day. 

While fans have come to love the third-person perspective featured throughout the franchise, Gears of War Lead Designer Cliff Bleszinski recently revealed that Gears 4 could have gone in a completely different direction

On the latest Xbox Era Podcast, Cliff Bleszinski was asked about Epic Games’ plans for Gears 4 before Microsoft acquired the IP. He replied:

“I wanted to actually consider going first-person with it.”

This revelation shocked the podcast hosts along with the chat, and rightfully so. A first-person shooter would have been a massive departure for the Gears series, moving away from the successful formula of the last three games.

However, it could have helped innovate the franchise and potentially bring newer players to the popular games. Cliff Bleszinski further elaborated and said:

“Can you imagine chainsawing a locust in first-person?”

Previous Gears entries have been known to focus on set pieces and action gameplay. A first-person perspective would have added to the intensity of such sections, leading to a fresh and more brutal take on the games.

Recently, it was also revealed that Phil Spencer was interested in returning to the horror elements featured in the earlier games. An fps shooter in the horror genre would have made for an exciting addition to the series, with the potential for new gameplay mechanics. 

The Coalition is currently working on Gears 6 for Microsoft’s current-gen consoles. While nothing has been confirmed about the title yet, the possibility of a different direction always exists. There is a slight chance the new game could realize Cliff Bleszinski’s vision for a first-person Gears title.

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