FTC Lawyers Seek More Info On Microsoft’s Deal With Nintendo and Nvidia

Microsoft needs to submit the documents in court!

Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard acquisition has been going on for a while now, and at this point, fans need it to be just decided asap. That being said, Microsoft has faced many hurdles, like Sony trying to sabotage the deal and many more.  

Still, the gaming giant didn’t give up on the deal and promoted it with a full-page ad in the UK newspapers. Just a while ago, Microsoft made an agreement with Boosteroid to provide Call of Duty worldwide. But that’s not it. Microsoft is planning to sign more 10-year COD deals in the coming weeks. 

Microsoft has done 4 10-year deals in less than a month. Now FTC lawyers need more information on Microsoft’s deal with Nvidia and Nintendo, except that they also want more information on its aspirations for exclusive content from Zenimax and Activision Blizzard.

FTC has requested more information because they think Microsoft is likely to use these deals to justify its acquisition to the regulatory bodies. In the document, it was written that: 

“Despite clearly intending to use these agreements in its defense, Microsoft has refused to produce underlying internal documents related to these agreements or communications with third parties other than Nvidia, Nintendo, and Sony. Microsoft should be not permitted to introduce or rely on these agreements without producing the requested underlying discovery.”

Recently Microsoft has also signed a 10-year deal of COD with Cloud gaming Provider. These many deals in such a short amount of time might have raised suspicions, but Microsoft said that more are coming. So, we might get to see even more 10-year deals in the coming weeks.

It has also come to our notice that FTC is also requesting documents related to Redacted, the code name for Microsoft’s plans in the future. While those plans are not yet confirmed, they could be anything related to Microsoft.

Now FTC wants every document that shows Microsft’s attempts to make deals with other platforms, such as Nvidia and Nintendo. Microsoft seems to have no choice but to provide the court with documents. If not, then the decision will more likely be in favor of FTC.

These types of twists are likely to increase even more in the future as the deal is a complete mess. Hopefully, we will get to see the decision as soon as possible.

Aside from that, what do you think of this move by FTC? Who do you think is going to win the case? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section. 

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