Microsoft To Sign More 10-Year COD Deals In Coming Weeks

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After Recent Deal With Boosteroid!

Microsoft has recently reached an agreement with Boosteroid to distribute Call of Duty to more gamers worldwide. Boosteroid has a cloud gaming platform that should enable easier access to the popular first-person shooter franchise. 

However, this is just the beginning for Microsoft. The gaming giant has confirmed that even more deals will be made in the coming weeks. As reported by WSJ, about the recent deal, Microsoft President Brad Smith stated:

“More will follow.”

Modern Warfare 2

The latest agreement means that Microsoft has now signed contracts with three companies. 

This includes gaming giants like Nintendo and Nvidia. The Nintendo Switch has sold over 122 million consoles, which could potentially increase Call of Duty’s current player base by a significant number. 

On the hand, Nvidia is also extremely popular in the PC Gaming market. GeForce Now, along with Boosteroid Cloud Gaming and Xbox Cloud should ensure that Call of Duty can enjoy plenty of coverage in the streaming market.

However, Sony is unlikely to be among the deals coming in the next few weeks. Brad Smith confirmed that Microsoft and Sony are not negotiating right now, although the former has already offered Call of Duty on the PS Plus subscription.

Sony has remained firm that the acquisition has little benefit for the industry, and the gaming giant wants to block the merger instead of negotiating a deal with Microsoft.


As for potential candidates for a new contract, Microsoft may turn toward companies like Netflix that have expressed interest in exploring Cloud Gaming. Call of Duty could also encourage companies like Apple to try their hand at Cloud Gaming.

Microsoft expects to complete the Activision Blizzard acquisition by June. This leaves just a few months before the company fails to reach this target, but recent efforts could present a strong case to the regulators.

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