FromSoftware’s Name Has Become Synonymous With Quality

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FromSoftware Hasn't Missed In Many Years!

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  • FromSoftware is among the best modern AAA development studios.
  • The developer’s consistency has convinced me and millions more that each release will meet a high standard.
  • A focus on gameplay over sheer production values means that it takes a different approach than most AAA teams.

FromSoftware stands out as a AAA studio for many reasons. Few developers can claim to have pioneered an entire sub-genre of gaming, but this is just one of the many achievements of this team.

Throughout the last decade, the developer has come into its own with a diverse list of games comprising sequels, original IPs, and a recent revival in 2023. At a time when studios are chasing cutting-edge graphics and the biggest trends, this Japanese studio dares to be different.

The result? FromSoftware’s name is almost a sure sign of a high-quality release.

Why it matters: AAA gaming has become challenging over the years, but this Japanese developer seems to be on an upward spiral despite the difficulties associated with modern game creation.  

Dark Souls 3
Dark Souls 3 Was An Incredible Return to Form After The Second Game Disappointed

Whether it be Bloodborne or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the developer has not shied away from trying new concepts in the last decade.

While many studios are content with churning out sequel after sequel, iterating on existing concepts, this team strives to challenge itself. This drive for constant innovation has led to truly remarkable releases during the last generation.

Bloodborne, in many ways, was a departure from Dark Souls, yet it retained the key strengths of the latter. An atmospheric world filled with nuance, faster gameplay, and a focus on more meaningful weapon variety brought new energy to the Souls-like genre in 2015.

FromSoftware’s unconventional approach further manifested into Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in 2019. Now credited for one of gaming’s most satisfying and most challenging combat systems, this release stands as a testament to the studio’s skill at breaking the mold of its own game design.

I suppose Elden Ring isn’t even worth bringing up in this conversation, considering the records it made in 2022. Suffice it to say, the game’s sales figures speak for themselves.

Armored Core 6
Armored Core 6 Allows Endless Mech Customization

Perhaps the most telling of FromSoftware’s ability to branch out is Armored Core 6.

While mecha games have nearly fallen into obscurity today, Armored Core 6 was an immediate hit at release. Translating the complex aerial controls of Armored Core to a modern audience’s tastes was no easy feat.

This was a genre that spawned memes about specialized control grips due to the sheer number of inputs and combinations, yet Armored Core 6 works incredibly well on default pads like the DualSense or Xbox Series S|X controllers.

The Famous Armored Core Legendary DualShock Grip Style
byu/smayonak inarmoredcore

Even though FromSoftware has been away from mecha games for the better part of the last two decades, it was as if the studio created its last Armored Core game only yesterday.

This success has earned it a nearly cult-like following. At the same time, creatives within the industry are desperately trying to capture the charm of this developer’s releases.

To nobody’s surprise, most of these games lack a sense of originality, though every now and then, a release like Lies of P comes close to capturing the magic of a FromSoftware title.

While discussions about the best and most consistent game developers often boil down to a select few teams like Capcom, Naughty Dog, and Rockstar Games, FromSoftware’s recent mark on the industry has allowed it a spot among these veterans.

What’s most interesting about this debate is that the Souls-like pioneer is perhaps the latest to join such discussions, having hit its stride in the last ten years.

What does FromSoftware do so well that other teams lack?

Perhaps the studio’s ability to try different ideas in an industry suffering from saturation is its key strength. Maybe the developer’s commitment to unrelenting difficulty pulls millions who yearn for the more challenging nature of classic games.

Amid the many failed Souls-like releases, it is hard to say. However, if the developer’s recent output proves anything, it’s the fact that the words ‘FromSoftware’ showing up before a game begins alone are enough to grab the attention of millions across the globe.

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