Fans Claim GTA 6 Is Fully Finished & Currently In Polishing Stage

Is GTA 6 Nearing Completion?

Over a year after the official announcement of GTA 6, fans have been left wanting more from Rockstar Games. The next entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise has gathered a lot of hype over the years, and fans continue to make theories and predictions about the next GTA game.

Recently, fans have been looking at the leaked GTA 6 build, and many have been led to believe that GTA 6 feature is already completed. 

GTA 6 Tez2

Reliable Rockstar insider Tez has pointed out that the GTA 6 leaks reference the game’s ‘bank release’ and ‘beta’ build. He suggests that the ‘bank release’ build aims to create a feature-complete game, while the ‘beta build’ aims to achieve content completion.

GTA 6 Corey Webb

Another use elaborated that feature complete could imply a functional UI. On the other hand, content complete would mean a game that is fully playable with all functionality. Since Tez has spotted a beta build for GTA 6, users believe that work on it is mostly finished, with Rockstar polishing the game for the upcoming release

GTA 6 Developer

A developer also appears to agree with the users in the above tweet while hoping for more information in 2023. This could mean that Rockstar is looking to work towards a smooth release for the game.

When GTA 6 leaked in 2022, many users were disappointed with the game. Unsurprisingly, the game looked like it was in the early stages, and many fans were quick to jump to conclusions. However, the leaks showed surprising content, so these theories are not entirely unbelievable.

Previously, many hints have also pointed at a GTA 6 trailer coming in 2023. But nothing is confirmed, and this information should be taken with a grain of salt until Rockstar comes out with official news. 

The GTA franchise is well known for breaking records and making headlines across the gaming industry. GTA 6 will likely be no different, and fans believe the game is nearing completion.

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