Stellar Blade: Fans Spent Up To 100 Hours On The Demo

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Fans Cant Keep Themselves Away From Stellar Blade!

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  • Fans have spent over 100 hours in the Stellar Blade demo despite its short length.
  • It seems players have been pulled in by the excellent combat system that encourages skillful play.
  • Shift Up has even asked players to go easy on the demo.

Stellar Blade has taken the players by storm. While the only thing out right now is a promising demo, fans are already engrossed in this short slice of the game. Some fans have gone so far as to spend over 100 hours on just the demo.

Why it matters: Statistics have already confirmed that the Stellar Blade demo was a major hit. However, nobody expected it to be this big.

The complete game is due in just over a week, and we are nothing short of excited. Shift Up recently revealed that the title has gone gold ahead of the launch, meaning that the development and polishing are complete to meet the release date.

But players have been unable to keep themselves away from the demo. Certain gamers have already spent so much time in the game that even the developers themselves are worried.

On more than one occasion, the team has asked fans to take a break from the demo. The first statement came after a number of fans spent over 50 hours in the Stellar Blade demo.

However, the studio’s latest tweet confirms that some fans have already doubled this figure.

Stellar Blade Combat
Stellar Blade Combat Shares Similarities With Sekiro and DMC 5.

What’s interesting is that the demo only contains the opening act and a boss fight, which lasts roughly an hour.

This likely means that players are honing their combat skills as they prepare for the release. In this aspect, the game is living up to hack-and-slash icons like Devil May Cry 5 that encourage constant replayability and experimentation.

Stellar Blade is Shift Up’s first-ever PC release and seems to be thriving. Reports claim the developer already has a sequel and new titles in mind.

The game is undoubtedly headed for a great reception once it drops on April 26. Following the demo, it has become the most pre-ordered title on the PlayStation Store and will undoubtedly garner even more interest in the coming week.

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