GTA 6: Why Rockstar’s PC Delay Is Actually A Good Thing

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Delayed Port = More Enhanced & Optimized Version!

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  • GTA 6 will only be available for consoles in 2025.
  • The PC port is being delayed, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  • GTA 6 will be much more polished on PC and avoid the pitfalls of recent ports.
  • The game will also ship with various enhancements that make the experience better on PC.

Following a decade-long wait, GTA 6 is finally arriving next year. While everyone is excited to play the game, Rockstar Games’ announcement means that PC players should not get their hopes up.

The game won’t be released on PC at launch, but is that really a bad thing? Though I have seen PC players getting upset at Rockstar for repeating this pattern, I don’t mind the developer delaying this PC port.

Upon further reflection, this decision will only improve the game’s quality on PC.

Why it matters: PC gaming is only growing bigger with each passing year, making it an important platform for all major publishers.

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The Quality of PC Ports

I’m so tired of seeing unoptimized PC ports over the years. Just last year, we saw releases like Redfall, The Last of Us Part 1, Dead Space, and more, which all came with different problems.

Whether it be incredibly high VRAM demands, constant stuttering, or just downright broken ports, 2023 showed the vulnerable state of PC gaming. Certain games could be played if you were willing to brute force your way through them, but the overall result was disappointing.

Looking at all these releases, I can’t help but breathe a sigh of release. With the GTA 6 PC version receiving dedicated attention from the team, it should avoid a similar fate once it is released.

A full year of optimization will be more than enough to account for all the different configurations on the PC platform. Even Red Dead Redemption 2 ended up facing various problems on PC despite arriving after the console release.

The port suffered from freezing, crashing, and many other issues at launch. Hopefully, Rockstar Games will not repeat these mistakes for GTA 6. Today, Red Dead Redemption 2 stands as an exemplary port.

This experience should translate to a similarly polished version of GTA 6 on PC, but I want to see it reaching this quality from the get-go.

GTA 6 protagonists
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Expectations & Enhancements

GTA 6 will experiment with new technology like ray tracing. Introducing new technology can always be tricky at first, and I’m sure Rockstar Games is well aware of the fact that fans have set sky-high expectations for the title.

The team must deliver at all costs, and everyone deserves the best possible experience. This method ensures all users receive a polished experience, regardless of their platform of choice.

PC users, in particular, will benefit from enhancements. Expect higher fidelity ray tracing, improved draw distances, a wider range of upscaling, better gameplay controls, and more on this platform.

All of this will make the wait worth it.

Feedback from the console version will help shape the PC port further. All in all, this will be a win-win situation for gamers on this platform. Since everyone has already waited a full decade, what’s an additional year of waiting?

There are plenty of great games to try in the meantime. Perhaps PC gamers should consider clearing out their backlog as they wait since I already know mine has only grown bigger in the last couple of years.

Ultimately, I don’t mind the wait. As long as GTA 6 lives up to its potential, the game will be worth it on PC. There are plenty of benefits to experiencing the game on this platform, and the wait is a small downside when compared against the advantages.

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