Halo Infinite Campaign Was Reportedly “Ruined” Due To Poor Leadership

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Campaign Held Back By 343 Industries Management!

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  • Halo Infinite’s leadership problems are already quite popular.
  • A YouTuber reveals that the upper management even caused problems for the campaign.
  • The campaign team reportedly worked alone, suffered from low morale, and more.

Halo Infinite came with the promise of a major revival for this series. It blended classic and modern gameplay, while 343 Industries took the single-player offering toward an open-world format.

This led to mixed reactions. While many enjoyed Halo Infinite’s campaign more than the last game’s narrative, others thought the open world was not a great fit. According to a leaker, many of the campaign’s flaws were a result of 343 Industries’ poor management.

He stated that the campaign was “ruined” because of the team’s ignorance.

Why it matters: Halo has revolutionized gaming in many ways, which is why fans have extremely high expectations for a game in this series.

YouTube video

Popular Halo content creator Rebs Gaming has revealed that the latest campaign did not receive proper attention from 343 Industries’ former leadership. Rebs Gaming is known for reporting news on the Halo games, so he is a trustworthy source.

He claims that the campaign development team was put into a box without collaboration from the studio. This was a major problem, and the studio attempted to solve it by increasing manpower.

This approach would have worked in certain instances. However, Halo Infinite needed more thorough planning. The YouTuber then explained that the company didn’t even bother doing external testing.

Internal testing was still being conducted, but 343 Industries relied on “days of play” to provide feedback. Later on, the internal testing, along with the support meetings, was canceled.

According to the report, the team was poorly treated, and leadership was too late to ask for campaign feedback. This led to low morale across the team. 

halo infinite
Halo Infinite Did A Great Job of Blending Modern and Classic Halo in One Game

We can’t really understand why 343 Industries did this. According to the content creator, it just hurt the game’s development. The report makes it clear that the studio was more concerned about other parts of the game than its campaign.

Going by these sources, it seems like 343 Industries’ leadership didn’t have much involvement in the campaign development. Fortunately, the end result was not all bad.

Halo Infinite’s campaign was received better than past 343 Industries games, even though it failed to measure up to Bungie’s titles. The game was mostly let down by its lack of post-launch content.

With Halo Infinite’s saga already set in stone, 343 Industries appears to be working on its next ambitious project. Meanwhile, reports claim that support for the Master Chief Collection has also been cut.

Hopefully, 343 Industries will not repeat the same mistakes in its next game. The developer has gone through major leadership changes, but it remains to be seen if these will be effective.

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