The Xbox Series S provides a cost-effective entry into the next generation of console gaming. Microsoft’s cheapest console has always gathered praise for its value offering, but it has recently drawn criticism for some of the technical sacrifices made in the development phase. 

However, a brand new interview from Evil West Lead Producer has some positive things to say about the Xbox Series S. When asked about the Xbox Series S; the Lead Producer stated that the console did not limit them and that the Xbox Series S is an excellent market product

Xbox Series S Japan

The Lead Producer was asked about the possibility of the Xbox Series S holding the generation back. He replied,

“No, why would it? We’re not forced to make the Series X version look exactly like the Series S, so we’re not limited as developers”. 

The Xbox Series S has recently drawn much criticism from fans and developers. Titles like Gotham Knights skipped 60 fps on consoles, and this led to discussion related to Microsoft’s cheapest console offering. 

But this was just the beginning. A later report claimed that developers pushed to drop support for the Xbox Series S entirely. While the validity of this report remains questionable, the Xbox Series S concerns are valid. 

However, it looks like developer Flying Wild Hog does not have much criticism for the Xbox Series S. Evil West has been confirmed to support 1080p 30fps gameplay on the Series S while offering higher resolution on the Xbox Series X.

Additionally, Evil West will join the growing list of titles that will skip 60fps on the cheaper console. The developer has also confirmed that the game will not utilize a dynamic resolution to reach 60 fps. However, Xbox Series X owners can choose to play the game at 4k 30fps or 1080p 60fps. 

Evil West

Despite its shortcomings, the Xbox Series S has a lot to offer. The console has helped Xbox grow in the Asian market, and Microsoft recently offered 5000 Yen Gift Cards with Xbox Series S purchases, adding further to the already stellar value proposition. 

It remains to be seen if the Xbox Series S will prove to be a problem for future game development. Still, developer Flying Wild Hog appears to be satisfied with Microsoft’s cheapest next-generation offering.

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