Elden Ring Returns As Steam Best-Seller Following DLC Reveal

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Currently The 3rd Best-Selling Steam Game!

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  • FromSoftware revealed the gameplay of Shadow of the Erdtree yesterday.
  • This announcement generated new excitement within the community, with Steam users rushing to buy Elden Ring.
  • Since then, the game has become Steam’s third best-selling title.

Last year, FromSoftware announced Shadow of the Erdtree for Elden Ring, but the developer remained tight-lipped on the expansion for the rest of the year.

Exactly one year later, the team returned with a lengthy gameplay trailer, confirming details about the DLC, like its scope, release date, and more. This announcement had a huge impact on the game, allowing it to climb the Steam best-sellers charts.

Why it matters: Popular releases like Helldivers 2 and Palworld are currently dominating Steam. This makes Elden Ring’s position even more impressive.

Elden Ring Steam
Source: Steam

As seen above, Elden Ring is the third best-selling title on Steam, only behind Helldivers 2 and Last Epoch. Shadow of the Erdtree is also found following right behind the base game.

Before the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC was announced, Elden Ring was in the 50th position on the same charts. Therefore, the game has shown quite an improvement to reach the current spot.

At this rate, it will likely reach the top spot in the coming days. As the anticipation for this expansion grows, more players are expected to flock toward this critically acclaimed FromSoftware title.

Currently, the base game and expansion are both ahead of popular free-to-play titles like PUBG: Battlegrounds and Counter-Strike 2 on the list. The game also experienced a resurgence last month, highlighting its strong momentum.

With fans anticipating the expansion for one whole year, FromSoftware is heading toward another resurgence.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring’s Open-World Is The Game’s Highlight

Meanwhile, the studio confirmed 23 million sales for the game today. This success has encouraged the team to pour all their efforts into Shadow of the Erdtree as the Elden Ring narrative heads toward a big event.

The future of this series remains unconfirmed following the content drop. FromSoftware has no plans for more DLC, but enough success could force the team to reconsider this approach.

Elden Ring offers a unique experience in the gaming industry, making it an important title that millions hold close to their hearts. Because of strengths like crushing difficulty, an unprecedented level of open-world freedom, and engaging lore, this title is considered the team’s best work yet.

The title’s current popularity on Steam is just one part of this success, highlighting why FromSoftware is such a celebrated studio for the gaming industry.

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