Elden Ring: No Additional DLC or Sequel Planned For Now

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"This DLC Will Be A Big Break."

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  • Elden Ring’s first expansion is coming in June.
  • While earlier rumors suggested Shadow of the Erdtree would be followed by another expansion, this does not appear to be the case.
  • Director Hidetaka Miyazaki also says that a sequel is not planned for the time being. 

The Elden Ring hype train found a new start yesterday after FromSoftware unveiled a brand new look at Shadow of the Erdtree. The first trailer looks stunning, and FromSoftware promises its most massive expansion for June 21.

While past leaks suggested that FromSoftware was planning another expansion for 2025, Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed that there are currently no plans for another DLC or sequel.

Why it matters: In the past, FromSoftware has released multiple content expansions for the Dark Souls games. While Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice were the exceptions, it seems the studio is heading in a different direction again.

Shadow of the Erd Tree
Shadow of the Erdtree Screenshot via FromSoftware

During a recent interview with IGN Japan, the Elden Ring director discussed future plans for the franchise.

There are no plans for additional DLC or Elden Ring 2. Even if it’s not the complete end to the story.

-Hidetaka Miyazaki

Miyazaki appears to be set on his decision, but the director still left the doors open to more content if this decision changes in the future. He confirmed that more content or a sequel could happen if the team deems it necessary.

Since Elden Ring is such an iconic release today, there might be a benefit to continuing the IP. Recognizing this advantage, Miyazaki stated that the story of Elden Ring might not be completely over yet.

However, FromSoftware is not known for staying too close to a single type of game, an attribute that makes it one of the best AAA studios today.

Last Boss Fight In Shadow of the Erd Tree
Boss Fight Preview From Shadow of the Erdtree

Miyazaki also says Shadow of the Erdtree will be a big break for the IP. Therefore, the director might explore other projects after June, like last year’s Armored Core revival.

He recently addressed the demand for Bloodborne, so this could be another interesting project for him to consider.

While Miyazaki has certainly earned a break, we would like to see the director returning to Elden Ring eventually. This IP is arguably a huge step forward for open-world games, but there is still potential for more entries.

In the past, FromSoftware released multiple Dark Souls games, turning it into a successful IP. We hope to see a similar treatment for Elden Ring, but new IPs are also welcome from the developer.

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