Nier Automata Exceeds 8 Million Copies Sold On All Platforms

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NieR: Automata Still Going Strong!

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  • NieR: Automata has sold 8 million units globally.
  • This milestone is reached a little over a year after hitting the 7 million mark, demonstrating consistently strong performance.
  • To celebrate this milestone, Square Enix is offering discounts on various platforms until February 28th.

Square Enix just shared exciting news about their hit action RPG, NieR: Automata. The game has surpassed 8 million units shipped and downloaded globally.

Why it matters: NieR: Automata’s mind-bending story and impressive combat continue to attract players seven years following its release.

This news comes just over a year after the game achieved the 7 million sales mark in November 2022. The announcement was shared on the official Japanese Twitter account, showcasing the total sales across PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms.

The path to 8 million sales for NieR: Automata started in February 2017 with its release on PC and PlayStation 4. Within just two months, it hit the 1 million mark, showing its strong start both critically and commercially.

Over the years, it gained momentum, earning plenty of awards and nominations for its fascinating story, brilliant gameplay, and emotional impact. In 2019, an enhanced version of NieR: Automata was released for Xbox One.

This expanded edition broadened its audience and made the game more accessible to players. It introduced extra features like new outfits, challenges, and the option to play as different characters besides 2B.

NieR: Automata
NieR: Automata Remains Popular Among The Players.

Seven years after its launch, the game remains popular for various reasons.

Its mix of intense action, deep storytelling, and multiple story paths appealed to many. The emotional depth and exploration of big ideas stuck with players. This game requires players to finish it multiple times to grasp the story, adding a layer of replayability.

NieR: Automata’s impact extends beyond its impressive sales figures. The game has garnered a dedicated fanbase known for its creativity and passion.

Fans have generated loads of fan art, cosplay, and music as tributes to the game’s characters, themes, and universe. Square Enix is showing appreciation to fans by marking this milestone with a special offer.

They’ve announced a time-limited sale for the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One editions of NieR: Automata. Until February 28th, players can snag discounts on these platforms, while the PC (Steam) version sale is set for mid-March.

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