Everything I Desperately Want In Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree

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Godwyn's Appearance Is A Must!

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  • Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree is set to debut soon.
  • Anything related to Godwyn or Gloam Eyed Queen in the DLC would be appreciated. 
  • The DLC should also offer a larger variety of bosses that rival the most formidable foes in Elden Ring.

Shadow of the Erdtree was officially announced for a June release a few months ago, and FromSoftware is nearly ready to unleash its first and only expansion for 2022’s Game of the Year. As someone who has already spent over 100 hours in Elden Ring, I couldn’t be more excited.

The reveal trailer was everything an Elden Ring fan like me could have asked for. In addition to all the new content, the trailer seemed to channel the same sense of wonder and excitement that FromSoftware managed to offer in the base game.

I was always sold on the DLC, even before the trailer, but there’s still a lot that I want to see in this expansion.

Why it matters: Many mysteries in Elden Ring remain unanswered, and various key characters could use more screen time. This provides FromSoftware an opportunity to change things up for the DLC.

Godwyn’s Appearance In Elden Ring Was Extremely Disturbing

Anything Related To Godwyn

Godwyn the Golden, one of the key figures in Elden Ring, faces unfair treatment.

You can only see him when you do Fia’s quest, and most players likely missed him. Even those who have done this quest don’t know what he looks like, as all you can see is his cursed body in the shape of a giant….fish, I guess?

For the unaware, Godwyn is the son of Marika and Godfrey. He was assassinated by Ranni the Witch, who sent Black Knives assassins to kill him with special weapons curated with the Rune of Death.

So, even the great Godwyn couldn’t escape death, but it should be noted that only his soul died. His body remains preserved in a sorry state, which can be seen when going through Fia’s quest.

That said, if FromSoftware has no plans for his appearance, I would like to see his offspring appearing in the DLC. If you have completed Fia’s quest, you would know that she had a child with Godwyn, but nothing came to light on the matter afterward.

Elden Ring Malekith
More Information On Gloam Eyed Queen Could Lead To Further Details About Maliketh | Image Credits: Tech4Gamers

Gloam Eyed Queen’s Appearance

As of now, little is known about Gloam Eyed Queen since she isn’t featured in the base game.

However, she does exist in the world of Elden Ring and is a significant part of the story. You surely remember Godskin Apostles, right? Gloam Eyed Queen was their leader and, of course, an Empyrean until she was bested by Maliketh.

She wielded the power of Destined Death, so I would like to see how exactly Maliketh beat her. Gloam Eyed Queen had a strong presence in the lore despite not appearing in Elden Ring, which gives her character a mysterious appeal.

Elden Ring
Mesmer Is Likely To Be A Challenging Boss Fight

More Unique Enemies, Bosses, & Weapons

For starters, I hope to see more than ten major bosses in the DLC.

In my opinion, the DLC also needs to leave behind the practice of reusing bosses like the base game. Instead, Shadow of the Erdtree needs memorable encounters like the best bosses from the base game, including the likes of Malenia, Malekith, and Radahn.

As for weapons, I want to see a Faith katana since this type of weapon is missing from Elden Ring. I’m not one to use spells too often, but most weapons that require Fth, Int, or Arc have captivating Ashes of War that I gravitate toward.

The Moonveil and Dark Moon Greatswords are two examples of such weapons. Aside from that, more creative Ashes of War are always welcome. One of the few things I liked in Lords of the Fallen was the unique ability to handle certain weapons differently.

So, I would love to see power stancing a certain type of weapon trigger a unique Ash of War in Shadow of the Erdtree. Also, there aren’t many madness weapons in-game, with Vyke’s War Spear being the only one.

So, a katana that relies on madness would be quite exciting.

This one goes without saying, but I just want to have a great time with the DLC. I have completed over five playthroughs of Elden Ring, and I cherish every single one.

As such, having a similar experience with the DLC would be satisfying enough on its own. However, I trust FromSoftware to exceed my expectations, even if it does not fulfill my personal wishlist.

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