Stellar Blade Director Denies Claims of Censorship At Launch

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"This Is The Final Product We Want"

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  • Stellar Blade’s marketing revolved around Eve and the combat.
  • The developer promised to launch the game without censorship, but various outfits were changed in the final version.
  • Amid the outrage, the director claims that these changes were intentional.

Stellar Blade’s director has been quite satisfied with Shift Up’s work on its first AAA project. Despite a positive reception, however, the game has been surrounded by controversy due to alleged censorship in the final build.

While fans remain convinced that the game failed to live up to its promise of an uncensored release, the Shift Up studio head has clarified that no such censorship was put in place.

Why it matters: Fans previously had doubts that PlayStation was behind the censorship due to its history with such changes.

Stellar Blade
Stellar Blade Received A Lot of Unjustified Criticism On Eve’s Character Design

The Stellar Blade director stated that these changes were intentional and should not be looked at as censorship. In an interview with the GameAbout, director Kim Hyung Tae offered his two cents on the situation.

“This is the final product that we want to show as the intended result.” 

– Stellar Blade Director

He stated that vulgar outfits are not necessarily good. For the director, the overall quality comes first, even if it results in less erotic outfits. Ultimately, he prioritizes fashion over vulgarity.

Previously, the director has responded to fans directly on the matter in a live Q&A session. Therefore, there is still hope for those hoping to see the original outfits returning.

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However, Shift Up seems content with the final release, and there are still many NSFW outfits in Stellar Blade for those interested. While some fans may feel the game was falsely advertised, PlayStation was offering refunds after the controversy to make up for this situation.

All things considered, Shift Up has handheld the situation quite well. Despite Stellar Blade’s reputation as a game sold on its exaggerated character, the game has a lot of strengths that have been undershadowed by this controversy.

Therefore, we hope to see this discussion put to rest now that the team has cleared the air. Perhaps everyone can now focus on the excellent combat or the polished experience that this title offers.

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