Stellar Blade Director Extremely Satisfied With Review Scores

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"Leading Games Have Received Similar Scores"

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  • Stellar Blade has received highly positive reviews from critics.
  • The director also confirmed that he has been pleased with the reception.
  • A DLC or sequel isn’t yet planned, but further positivity could push Shift Up in this direction.

Stellar Blade found itself in the middle of controversy before its release, but that didn’t stop it from receiving a positive reception at launch. While some gave it unfair treatment for featuring an exaggerated main character, the average score was quite positive.

It also became the biggest Metacritic release of 2024 by user score, which is another great feat. Overall, fans are quite happy with the game, and so is the director. Commenting on the reviews, Stellar Blade’s director has claimed that he is delighted.

Why it matters: Making a new franchise work in this hyper-competitive era of gaming is extremely hard, but Korean developers are on the rise, and Stellar Blade seems to be leading the charge.

Stellar Blade
Stellar Blade Has Received A Lot of Unjust Criticism Over Eve’s Character Design 

In an interview with Korean outlet Nate, Hyung-Tae Kim revealed that he is satisfied with the critical reception.

I am very satisfied with the score.

– Stellar Blade Director

The director has acknowledged the score as being quite impressive for a new IP. He also asserted that many leading games have received a similar or lower review score, but he believes there is room for further improvement.

While the thought of a sequel or DLC may be appealing, developer Shift Up is currently focusing on enhancing the existing Stellar Blade experience. Since the game has already garnered praise for its polish, this focus is quite commendable.

Stellar Blade
The Game Has Received Praise From the Likes of Digital Foundry 

The director states that DLC and any work on a potential sequel will depend on how well the title continues to perform. If the studio is satisfied with the reception and sales, then there is still hope for a DLC or even a sequel.

Therefore, even with the studio being satisfied, the sales will decide this IP’s fate.

Fortunately, Stellar Blade seems to be selling better than anticipated. According to reports, the game was sold out in various stores in Tokyo, which is rare for new AAA releases in the region.

This signifies that Shift Up has performed beyond expectations both critically and commercially, though the team has yet to reveal a sales figure.

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