Stellar Blade Current Progress Hints At 1 Million Sales In 24 Hours

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Top Selling Game In Most Countries Right Now!

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  • Stellar Blade has been a huge hit.
  • The game is currently the top-selling PS5 release in multiple regions.
  • At this rate, it could be on track to selling 1 million copies on its first day in the market.

Stellar Blade has received a great reception from the fans and the audience alike. The title is flying off the shelves and selling like hotcakes on the digital store. This performance has set the stage for 1 million sales within 24 hours.

Why it matters: Selling a million units during the first day would be considered a massive success for a new IP. Shift Up is also new to console gaming, adding further success if this scenario ends up coming to fruition.

Shift Up has yet to announce an official sales figure.

However, Zuby Tech points out that Stellar Blade is selling well in more than one region. According to the user’s findings, the game is topping Amazon charts in regions like the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and more.

When put together, the game has likely recorded impressive sales on day one. Moreover, it was the best-selling title on the digital PlayStation Store ahead of launch. All of these combined have likely produced figures close to 1 million or more.

Stellar Blade
Stellar Blade Is One of PlayStation’s Biggest Games In 2024

However, certain users have begun to refund their digital purchases. A petition has also gained traction amid the controversy of potential censorship for Stellar Blade.

If Stellar Blade hits 1 million sales in just one day, we expect Shift Up to make an announcement soon.

Alongside the likes of Lies of P, this release marks a major step forward for Korean developers as they venture into console gaming. The success may even encourage Shift Up to create a sequel.

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