Doom: The Dark Ages Now #1 Wishlisted Game Across All Platforms

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  • Of all the games revealed during showcase season, Doom: The Dark Ages is the most wishlisted.
  • All games featured in the top 5 were revealed during the Xbox showcase.
  • Previously, Astro Bot was at the top of the list.

Doom: The Dark Ages may have been the most exciting announcement from Xbox’s biggest showcase. This was the second major game that Xbox debuted at the event, but it set the tone for everything that came afterward.

Recently, it was noted that Astro Bot had beaten Doom: The Dark Ages as the most wish-listed game shown during the summer events, including the disappointing State of Play. This outcome was shocking, but Doom: The Dark Ages now sits at the top of the wishlists.

Why it matters: Astro Bot looks excellent in its own right, but Doom has a much stronger legacy. id Software’s last release was also a major success, so fans have been quite positive about the recent reveal.

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The previous report came from IGN’s playlist. This playlist has now been updated to reflect more recent results, and all the top 5 games wishlisted this week were featured at the Xbox Games Showcase. The ranking is as follows.

  • Doom: The Dark Ages
  • Gears of War E-Day
  • Perfect Dark
  • Clair Obscur: Expedition 33
  • Fable

While all five games featured in the list look equally exciting, Doom: The Dark Ages has earned its spot on the top.

Doom Eternal was already a massive hit in the first-person shooter space, and it seems id Software is gearing up for another excellent release. The team has taken cues from classic Doom entries for its upcoming prequel, placing a lot of emphasis on projectiles.

This has led to wider combat arenas with more demons than ever before. Glory kills are also said to be returning, though id Software hopes to provide more freedom with this mechanic.

If this wasn’t enough, the studio is introducing dual-wielding and giant mechs to kick things up a notch. Suffice it to say, Doom: The Dark Ages is shaping up to be every bit as insane as its predecessor.

Doom: The Dark Ages
The Doom Slayer Looks More Menacing Than Ever In His New Look

Doom: The Dark Ages is expected to receive more details throughout the year. id Software has purposefully held back information for now, hoping to slowly build up excitement as the release draws nearer.

Since Xbox believes everyone deserves to play Doom, this title is also heading to PS5. Perhaps this has helped it climb the wishlists, with the desire to rip and tear demons across the universe bringing fans from both Xbox and PlayStation ecosystems together.

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