Doom Falls Behind Astro Bot Among Most Wishlisted Showcase Games

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Astro Bot Just Did the Unthinkable!

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  • Astro Bot has surpassed Doom: The Dark Ages as the most wish-listed game from the summer showcases.
  • This popularity could be attributed to its predecessor, Astro’s Playroom, which came bundled with every PS5.
  • While Astro Bot leads the wishlist, Xbox’s showcase dominated the remaining top ten.

The recent summer showcases were a delight to watch, with so many exciting games unveiled. But one surprise has captured everyone’s attention: Doom: The Dark Ages has been surpassed by Astro Bot as the most wish-listed game from all summer showcases.

Why it matters: Despite Xbox’s successful showcase with several big game announcements, it seems that PlayStation’s Astro Bot stole the spotlight in the summer game showcases.

Astro Bot
Very few expected Astro Bot to be the most wish-listed game from all summer showcases.

Astro Bot has been generating the most interest among gamers recently, according to IGN Playlist, a popular tool for tracking game backlogs and play activities.

After The Dark Ages was announced, Doom, a franchise celebrated for its long-standing appeal and loyal fans, was poised to top gaming wishlists. Known for its fast-paced gameplay, the newest installment was expected to uphold its reputation.

Yet, familiarity and the appeal of something new have altered gamer interests. Although Doom: The Dark Ages remains highly demanded, its trailing behind Astro Bot suggests a change in player preferences towards varied and inventive gaming experiences.

This trend makes sense, especially for a visually appealing, children-friendly game. Astro Bot’s rise in popularity might be unexpected for some. Sony had mentioned earlier this year that they weren’t planning to launch any new major games before 2025.

Doom The Dark Ages
Doom: The Dark Ages is still one of the year’s most exciting announcements.

However, Astro Bot has grabbed the spotlight with a wide audience. Perhaps the fact that Doom: The Dark Ages arrives in 2025, while Astro Bot will be released in a few months, has also played a role in the wish-list rankings.

While Astro Bot is the most wish-listed game, the rest of the top ten are predominantly filled with titles from Xbox’s showcase. Seven out of the top ten games are available on Game Pass. Additionally, all nine games, excluding Astro Bot, were showcased at the Xbox event.

While sequels dominate the top five, there’s also a notable number of new IPs, with nine original games in the mix. This early look at the summer games lineup gives us a glimpse into current gaming trends and hints at what’s to come.

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