Black Myth: Wukong Isn’t Exactly A Souls-like Game

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Leaked Preview Reveals New Details!

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  • Black Myth Wukong is set to be released on August 20, 2024.
  • Fans were expected to go through Sun Wukong’s journey in a Souls-like title, but recent previews hint that this won’t happen.
  • The game is mostly an action RPG that has some elements of the Souls-like genre. 

The Souls-like genre has been rising in popularity. Thanks to FromSoftware, many studios have tried their hand at this genre, with Lies of P and Stellar Blade finding a lot of success recently.

Such examples have encouraged even more developers to try their hand at the genre. However, it seems the industry is now becoming aware of Souls-like saturation. Recent releases like Phantom Blade Zero won’t be part of the genre, and it seems another major release is doing the same.

New previews for Black Myth: Wukong state that it won’t be a Souls-like.

Why it matters: Not every game needs to have an open world or follow established trends. However, it is hard to deny that Black Myth: Wukong looked like a Souls-like from the beginning.

Black Myth: Wukong
Black Myth: Wukong Is Steam’s Most Wishlisted Title At The Moment.

The first preview of the game, presented by Pure Xbox, has been leaked online and has revealed more information. The previews embargo was rumored to be lifted on Monday, but information has already come out.

According to the impressions, Black Myth: Wukong isn’t exactly a Souls-like, even though you’d be forgiven for thinking the opposite.

“It is easier than your traditional Souls-like, and it is a mix between that and action RPG.”

-Pure Xbox

Souls games are often known for their harsh and unforgiving nature. However, it doesn’t seem like Sun Wukong’s adventure follows this exact same pattern. 

Pure Xbox revealed that the dodge timings in this game are quite forgiving. That could be because there isn’t a specific block mechanic. So, the developers must have made the timings forgiving to compensate.

It was also revealed that there would be weapon stances that you don’t find in an average Souls-like. Therefore, comparing the experience with an action RPG that borrows some parts of the Souls-like genre makes sense.

Other than that, Sun Wukong can rely on creature transformations, adding further depth to the combat.

YouTube video


This is a good move because Souls-likes are often criticized for their difficulty. Since Black Myth: Wukong seems to be focusing so much on spectacle, the game may attract a bigger audience thanks to this move.

Perhaps developer Game Science is aiming for an experience like God of War.

Fans should also know that Black Myth: Wukong was not influenced by Sweet Baby Inc. and offers a minimum of 15 hours of gameplay. The duration might seem a bit controversial, but the final game could end up being longer than the developers expect. 

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