Black Myth: Wukong Devs Refused To Work with Sweet Baby Inc.

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Black Myth Wukong Dodged a Bullet!

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  • Black Myth Wukong’s developer refused to be guided by Sweet Baby Inc.
  • The company demanded a ridiculous $7 million in guidance fee.
  • Various outlets are reportedly calling out Game Science for this move.

Sweet Baby Inc. has become a huge presence in the gaming industry. They influenced the development of many current and upcoming games; however, the Black Myth Wukong developers disagreed to work with the company.

Why it matters: Game Science, the studio behind Black Myth Wukong, is being called out for lacking diversity in its title and not depicting political correctness. This is reportedly due to the studio not consulting Sweet Baby Inc. during development.

Black Myth: Wukong
Black Myth Wukong Will Not Be Impacted By Sweet Baby Inc.

According to a Chinese media press release, Game Science refused to take the company’s guidance as they demanded an unbelievably high $7 million. Agreeing to the offer would’ve added forced inclusivity to the game and removed creative freedom from the developers.

It is also interesting to note that Sweet Baby Inc. is more influential in the West. Games from Asian regions typically aren’t influenced by them, though there are exceptions, like the Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Nonetheless, this won’t impact Black Myth Wukong in any meaningful way. One might even expect the game to be better because of Game Science’s refusal.

Sweet Baby Inc
Sweet Baby Inc. is known for forcing diversity in games.

While diversity and representation in games are not wrong, forced inclusivity seems like an unwise move. It makes even less sense for a game like Black Myth Wukong, which is based on existing source material.

Sweet Baby Inc. is also known for not caring much about its projects. Therefore, Game Science likely made a wise decision. Many have even argued that Sweet Baby Inc. has no place in gaming.

Nonetheless, Black Myth Wukong is due for launch in August.

Despite this small controversy, the game has dominated both Steam’s wishlists and best-sellers list recently. Therefore, audiences remain excited for this Souls-like, hoping for an exciting adventure in a few months.

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