CS:GO Breaks Another Record, Reaching 1,557,335 Concurrent Steam Players

CS:GO Is Unstoppable!

The Counter-Strike franchise has come a long way since being introduced as a mod for Half-Life. Over the years, the series has had multiple entries, but none have made an impact like CS:GO.

CS:GO has now officially beaten its own concurrent player record, with over 1,557,335 users playing the game simultaneously on 5th May 2023.

Why It Matters: CS:GO was released over 11 years ago and has dominated the FPS market ever since. It is arguably the biggest e-sports shooter in the world, and it is surprising to see the game going strong to this day.

cs go player peak
Source: SteamDB

The previous all-time concurrent peak in March landed at 1,507,212 players. This was already an incredible figure for the FPS franchise, but CS:GO has impressed audiences yet again.

The new player count peak could be credited to the hype around the franchise due to Valve announcing Counter Strike 2 recently. Instead of being a new game, Counter-Strike 2 will be a new iteration of CS:GO on the Source 2 Engine, offering an upgraded experience.

As mentioned earlier, CS:GO reached an impressive concurrent peak in March. However, the game has seen multiple new player count records over the past few months, likely due to the buzz around Counter-Strike 2.

Counter-Strike 2 will feature graphical upgrades like better lighting, dynamic smoke, and high-texture weapon models. However, the most significant enhancement to the game will be the improved tick rate server, set at 128 ticks, resulting in a smoother experience.

The existing player count could increase beyond this already impressive figure once Counter Strike 2 is released. However, that remains to be seen. For now, fans can continue to enjoy CS:GO before Valve passes the torch to Counter-Strike 2 in the summer of 2023. 

What do you think about CS:GO’s new player peak? Are you excited about Counter-Strike 2? Let us know in the comments down below.

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