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Corsair ST100 RGB Headstand Review

Dive deep into the detailed hands-on testing of the Corsair ST100 RGB Headstand, where we dissect its impressive RGB Lighting, Design, Build Quality, Performance, and compatibility with the advanced iCUE system.

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The Corsair ST100 Headset Stand boasts visually appealing RGB lighting, creating a striking presence on your desk. Extra USB ports and a 3.5mm analog jack offer added convenience for your peripherals. Moreover, the stand’s sturdy construction ensures a secure resting place for your headset. Additionally, its virtual surround sound elevates the audio experience to new heights. Overall, if you prioritize aesthetics and immersive sound and don’t mind the price, the Corsair ST100 Headset Stand could be a worthwhile addition to your setup.

Hours Tested: 3-4

  • Sound - 8.5/10
  • Value - 6.5/10
  • Build Quality - 8/10
  • Software - 8/10
  • Functionality - 9/10


  • Aesthetically pleasing RGB lighting
  • Additional USB ports and a 3.5mm analog jack
  • Sturdy Build Quality
  • Immersive Sound experience


  • Awkward USB port placement
  • Steep price

Today, we’re delving into the audio world with the Corsair ST100 Headset Stand. It’s not your typical stand; it’s a sleek piece of innovation that turns your headset into a display of art. Beyond its elegant design, this stand goes beyond just holding your headset—it’s a gateway to a world of immersive multi-channel audio experiences. I’ve encountered countless products, but the Corsair ST100 truly stands out.

I usually don’t review headset stands, but the ST100 RGB is a game-changer. Unlike standard stands, it’s unique and addresses the common issue of headphone wear and tear. Corsair has always been a bit headstrong in the best way, and the ST100 reflects its commitment to standing out both aesthetically and functionally.

Key Takeaways

  • The Corsair ST100 is a high-quality headset stand. It offers an elegant look and is made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminium. Moreover, the stand has nine different zones of programmable RGB lights. 
  • If you are an RGB lover, you should buy the Corsair ST100 headset stand and have other Corsair products lying at your desk that can be completely synchronized.
  • You should not buy the Corsair ST100 headset if you are on a tight budget and have products from different companies, as it is an unessential product and would not provide any value to your overall gaming experience. 

It makes it somewhat of a Leatherman multi-tool in gaming accessories. Moreover, the stand’s rubberized base contains an integrated 7.1 virtual surround audio card and uses many RGB LEDs, enabling extremely pleasing, beautiful, subtle lighting effects. So, what about a headset stand that does more than simply hold your headphones? Keep reading if it’s what you want in your workspace.

Packaging & Unboxing

The box contains:

  • ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand
  • USB 3.1 (Gen 1) Micro B cable
  • 1.8m Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card
Corsair ST100 RGB Headstand Review - Box Contents
Box Contents (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Take a look at our unboxing video below:

YouTube video


Corsair ST10Black is a classic color and will provide a great blank slate against which the rainbow of colors will shine. Moreover, the base unit’s rounded corners and curves going up to the headset mount provide an elegant, streamlined appearance.0 RGB Headstand Logo RGB Lighting. In addition, the stand has a tiny cutout at the top where the headband of your headset may fit snugly. As a result, this will hold your headset in place and prevent it from falling off. 

So, diving into the ST100 has been quite the ride. First off, the RGB lighting? It’s not just a feature; it’s the show’s star, turning this headset stand into a style masterpiece. I’ve got eight customizable lighting zones on the base and that sleek Corsair logo glowing—it’s a visual feast.

Now, the game-changer here is the built-in DAC system. I’m all about the sound, and this delivers. Crisp stereo hits the right notes, but I’ll admit, the default bass is a bit hefty. Switching to 7.1 for gaming adds that surround feel, even if it sacrifices a bit of clarity. It’s a sweet upgrade from basic motherboards, and I’m vibing with it, especially during gaming sessions.

One USB 3.1 port can be found on the right side of the bottom, making it convenient to plug in a USB flash drive or anything else you’d want to use the HUB for. In addition to this, you receive a second USB 3.1 port, which is excellent until you put your headphones on top of the base. As per my actual usage, here is where the wireless dongle for your wireless headphones is supposed to be plugged in. Corsair also endorses this through its product advertisement images.

It’s delightfully subtle, with no extraneous glow originating from the base. Pleasingly, all of the effects are fluid and responsive, and the lighting overall looks great. Notably, the iCUE software allows customization of every RGB LED lighting, from the base to the top. At first, you may look at this stand and think it’s nothing special, but trust me, it’ll make your desk appear awesome.

PRO TIP: Take advantage of the built-in USB HUB with two ports for convenient connectivity. It can be useful for connecting peripherals or charging devices, minimizing cable clutter on your desk.

Although admirable in concept, doing so effectively disables one of the ST100’s USB ports for additional purposes. The picture I provided above shows that when the Corsair Virtuoso Wireless XT is placed on top, it automatically clamps its earpieces together, reducing the port’s usability even more. Moreover, whether it’s a headset, phone, or other device, you can charge it and get the data speeds you need from either USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports. 

Corsair added a port to the top of the ST100, but balancing it on the other side would’ve been neat. Connect it to a USB 3.1 Gen 1 port for optimal performance, drawing up to 2000mA. Just a heads up—it’s not a charging station without mains power. Now, imagine this—wireless charging. With my Corsair Virtuoso Wireless XT, it’d be a game-changer, eliminating wires after gaming sessions. Here’s hoping Corsair explores that in the future.

Corsair ST100 RGB Headstand Front
Headstand Front

The ST100 headset stand is sturdy, stylish, and lightweight, featuring quality aluminum construction and a rubberized base. Its heavy base with rubber feet prevents sliding. The black color ensures it blends seamlessly on your desk. The ST100 RGB includes a 7.1 virtual surround audio card, potentially redundant for users with other high-end headsets. It’s overkill, given that I already have a Corsair Virtuoso Wireless XT, but it’s still, for some cases.

iCUE – Unite Your Setup

YouTube video

Let me spill the tea on the ST100—it’s not just a headset stand; it’s a visual symphony. The RGB sync with other Corsair gear through iCUE is a game-changer. Picture this: all your Corsair stuff vibing to the same color scheme. Practical? Maybe not, but it’s like a little disco for your desk, and who doesn’t want that?

I’ll admit that diving into iCUE isn’t the easiest, but once you figure it out for the ST100, it’s a playground of customization. And let’s be real: even if it’s not the most practical feature, gadgets should be fun, right? Now, onto the nitty-gritty—the EQ settings are a nice touch. Five presets, or you can craft your jam.

Plus, the lighting effects are the cherry on top. The default stereo sound is legit, but here’s the kicker—it can blast out some serious power. My Virtuoso Wireless XT hit levels that felt like a head-splitting concert, and I loved it. So, is it a bit extra? Sure, but the ST100 brings more than I bargained for.

WARNING: If you don’t have other Corsair RGB products in your setup, the full potential of the ST100 may not be realized. Consider the compatibility and synchronization options before investing solely in RGB features. 

Just kidding, or am I? Even without iCUE installed, the ST100 RGB Premium can still be used as an ordinary headset stand. Likewise, the USB pass-thru will function normally. However, you will be limited to the default lighting mode and unable to adjust audio settings such as the volume or the surround mode. Having said that, if you want to customize the audio card provided by the headset, installing the iCUE software is necessary.  

Should You Buy It?

I will now point out the key reasons to buy and avoid this product for my users so that everyone knows if they should buy it or not:

Buy It:

✅ RGB Enthusiasts and Corsair Fans: If you’re someone who values RGB aesthetics and already has a Corsair-themed setup, the ST100, with its synchronized RGB lighting, can be a visually appealing addition.

✅ Multifunctional Setup Seekers: Individuals looking for a headset stand that offers more than just a resting place for headphones will appreciate the additional features, such as the incorporated USB soundcard, USB HUB, and aluminum finish, making it a versatile choice.

✅ Those Willing to Invest in Aesthetics: For users who prioritize the aesthetic appeal of their gaming or workspace and are willing to invest in a premium product, the ST100, with its unique design and features, could be a worthwhile purchase.

Don’t Buy It

❌ Budget-Conscious Consumers: If you are on a tight budget or prioritize practicality over aesthetic features, the relatively high price tag of $79 may be hard to justify, especially considering its primary function as a headset stand.

❌ Minimalist Setup Enthusiasts: Individuals who prefer a clean and minimalist desk setup without needing additional RGB lighting or multifunctional features might find the ST100 an unnecessary and extravagant addition to their workspace.

❌ Users Not Interested in RGB or Brand Synchronization: If you don’t prefer RGB lighting, the emphasis on RGB synchronization may not be a compelling enough reason to choose the ST100.


Deciding on whether to splurge on a high-end headset stand is a personal call, and let me tell you, the Corsair ST100 RGB isn’t your run-of-the-mill stand—it’s practically a piece of art. I’ve had my hands on it, and it’s not just about holding your headset; it’s a whole experience.

Initially, the $79 price tag made me hesitate, but hear me out. With the RGB sync, the built-in USB soundcard, the handy USB HUB with two ports, and the sleek aluminum finish—this stand is more than meets the eye. I won’t lie; I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone because not everyone is into this. But if you’re like me, someone who appreciates a bit of RGB magic and loves devices that pull double duty, it might just be up your alley.

I didn’t think a headset stand could be this cool, but I am pleasantly surprised. So, if you’re vibing with the whole RGB aesthetic and already have some Corsair gear in the mix, this ST100 isn’t just a stand; it’s a statement.

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  • December 21, 2023: A few text changes to improve readability.

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