Capcom Is Japan’s Biggest Publisher With Over 1200% Stock Increase In 10 Years

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Capcom Has Extremely High Profit Margins!

Capcom is one of the biggest gaming publishers worldwide, and it has made many iconic franchises like Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. In addition to its position in the worldwide gaming market, Capcom is among Japan’s biggest companies.

While Japan has no shortage of publishers and developers, Bloomberg notes Capcom is Japan’s biggest publisher by far. Various analysts have also confirmed that the company’s stocks have increased by 1200% in the last ten years.

Why it matters: The Japanese gaming market is very competitive. Gaming giants like Sega, Square Enix, and Bandai Namco have existed for multiple decades, and it is not easy to reach the top spot in the market.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Analyst Kenji Fukuyama said:

“Capcom has an extremely high operating profit margin and ROI which you can’t really find elsewhere, even outside Japan.” 

Another analyst, Hideki Yasuda, elaborated that Capcom sells software in more than 230 countries and regions, which makes it the most successful among Japanese publishers so far.

This is a great achievement for Capcom, but it is not surprising after recent releases from the studio. The gaming giant recently released Resident Evil 4 Remake, selling over 5 million copies.

Street Fighter 6 has also been a commercial and critical hit, reaching millions of players in less than two months. On the other hand, Capcom has done a great job keeping franchises like Monster Hunter and Devil May Cry fresh and enjoyable for over a decade.

This has led to impressive profits and stock prices for Capcom, with the gaming giant reporting another successful quarter in the recent earnings report.

Capcom previously released its financial earning, confirming that the Resident Evil franchise alone had sold more than 142 million units.  The report confirms that the commitment to ensuring the success of legacy IPs has been a major contributor to Capcom’s current position in the market.

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