Star Wars Outlaws Will Not Require 200 Hours To Complete

Won't Be Overly Long Like Assassin's Creed RPGs!

Star Wars Outlaws is one of the major gaming adaptations of the Star Wars franchise in the coming years. Massive Entertainment boasts a large open world for the title, but this has also led to concerns about the game being too big.

However, in a recent interview with IGN, the developers swiftly put an end to those rumors, confirming it would not be an unfinishable RPG.

Why it matters: Ubisoft is notorious for creating massive games, which can sometimes be detrimental to the overall experience. Recent releases like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla have pushed away fans due to the endless amounts of content.

According to the report, the game’s Creative Director said:

“it is absolutely not a 200 or 300-hour epic unfinishable RPG.”

The developers claim Star Wars Outlaws will not be “too big,” as this would mean that many players would be unable to play, enjoy, or finish the game.

Furthermore, the Directors emphasized density over larger environments. This should mean that each location is packed with meaningful content, making it more encouraging to explore the open world.

Ubisoft is taking a similar approach to Assassin’s Creed Mirage, scaling down the size of the map compared to the last entry. However, this will enable denser and more packed environments for players to enjoy.

This is a massive relief for many worried about Star Wars Outlaws getting the same treatment as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which was overly long and required roughly 130 hours for a completionist run.

According to Navid Khavari, Star Wars Outlaws could be so deep and rich with different distractions that it would not need to rely on many UI indicators.

Star Wars Outlaws looks extremely promising so far. The game features much-requested features like space combat and freedom in an open world.

While studios like Respawn Entertainment have already delivered fantastic Star Wars gaming adaptations, Massive Entertainment could be the next studio to leave its mark on Star Wars.

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