After its release in November 2021, Battlefield 2042 was the go-to game for most gamers in 2022. Battlefield 2042’s developers had generated a lot of hype around the game by implying that it would follow in the footsteps of Battlefield 3 and 4. Unfortunately, Battlefield 2042 received negative reviews at debut and failed to deliver on its promises, causing a riot among gamers, particularly those who had pre-ordered the game.

After five months of continual updates and patching, Battlefield 2042 is making a comeback, as the player count has doubled in the last three days since the current patch (Update 4.0) was released.

Battlefield 2042 Playercount
Before and After 4.0 Update

In recent months, battlefield 2042 player base has been steadily declining, with even battlefield 1 and 5 having a higher player count. Last week, battlefield 2042 was at an all-time low, with even Red Dead Online attracting more players than the newest AAA title.

The latest Battlefield 2042 (Update 4.0) is one of the most sizable updates for the game, with hundreds of bug fixes and quality-of-life enhancements. Attachment reworks, vehicle balancing improvements, and the inclusion of voice chat, which was inexplicably lacking at launch, are among the many modifications that Battlefield 2042 has gotten today. It is important to note that most of these changes were already expected at launch by the fans, which was one of the main reasons, Dice failed to satisfy battlefield fans, as it simply felt like an unfinished product at launch.

Update 4.0 for DICE’s controversial shooter was a big one, addressing faults in practically every part of the game. Over 400 modifications to Battlefield 2042 are detailed in DICE’s blog post on EA’s website, including Specialist balance tweaks, vehicle balancing changes, reworked weapon attachment behavior, better Ribbons and XP Events, and the addition of voice chat. On the other hand, voice chat is currently confined to Party and Squad conversation, with no option for server-wide voice chat.

Quality-of-life improvements to the Battlefield Portal browser and various UI refreshes, including a few for the freshly added scoreboard, are among the other modifications to the game. DICE’s list of fixes is extensive and detailed, demonstrating their commitment to resolving Battlefield 2042 before the start of Season 1 this summer. Many gamers have praised Update 4.0 on social media, claiming that the game has become smoother and that the UI modifications have made gameplay substantially more fun. Despite the positive sentiment, some fans still hold an unfavorable view of the game.

It’s tough to tell whether Battlefield 2042 can recover after such a disastrous start, but No Man’s Sky was in a similar condition when it launched and, after a few patches, turned out to be a well-polished game. We genuinely hope that Battlefield 2042 can make a strong comeback and prove a fantastic battlefield title in the same vein as its predecessors. Still, fans will need a lot of convincing before accepting Battlefield 2042. The majority of fans are still undecided, with some even suggesting that Dice should simply drop this game and go on to something newer.

Hopefully, things will not have to go that way, but only time will tell. What are your thoughts about the latest patch? Do you think it could change the state of Battlefield 2042, or is it just bound to fail?

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