Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most successful video game of all time. The game has gone above and beyond, shattering sales records across the entertainment industry. While the game saw incredible success with its single-player content, the multiplayer release has been extremely fruitful for Rockstar Games. To this day, the game’s multiplayer component is thriving, and with a recent re-release on next-gen consoles, it seems like Rockstar is betting on GTA Online for a little longer than expected.

GTA Online Plus Rockstar Job Listing

Recently, GTA Online got a brand addition in the form of a subscription service. The subscription is called GTA Plus and comes with several benefits. The service costs only $5.99 a month, but the reception has not been the best for this subscription. Many have expressed their fatigue over the game’s online component. A few even came together to boycott Rockstar’s business model

As it stands, the subscription might not have been as successful as Rockstar had hoped. A new job listing for the Product Manager, GTA Plus Subscriptions over at Rockstar New York could hint at the future of the service. The listing says,

“The Subscriptions Product Manager will help drive the program and product strategy through implementation of features across our storefronts on the web, our PC application, and in-game stores as well as our stores with gaming partners.”

Rockstar Job Listing GTA Plus Online
Job listing for Product Manager, GTA+ Subscription at Rockstar New York. Source: Rockstar games

The job description mentions the PC platform in particular, as seen above. This could indicate that Rockstar is planning a PC release for the subscription sometime in the near future. As of right now, GTA Plus is limited to next-generation consoles. Despite the huge player base on those platforms, there has been no official mention of plans to bring the service to last-gen consoles or PC.

Furthermore, GTA Plus service is very basic and does not do much for an already unhappy audience. With a new Product Manager taking the lead, Rockstar could be working on a revamped version that is more enticing for the players. The job listing also mentions roadmaps on more than one occasion. Roadmaps are usually associated with Battle Passes in live service games. Perhaps, this could hint at a Battle Pass of some sort for GTA Online.

Rockstar has shown its commitment to GTA Online over the years. While many have criticized Rockstar for milking their golden goose, it is apparent that they have no intentions of stepping back. With an updated GTA Plus, Rockstar could invent new ways of monetizing the game. The possibility of GTA Plus becoming a better service in the future is undoubtedly better than having it stay irrelevant. With the service possibly coming to PC and heading in a new direction, Rockstar could be looking to transform GTA Online, and we are certainly curious to see how events will unfold.

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