Baldur’s Gate 3 To Take Up Whopping 122GB On PC

No Pre-load On PC Despite Massive Size!

Baldur’s Gate 3 is massive in nearly every way. It includes hundreds of hours of cinematics and branching narratives that will encourage players to complete the game several times before moving on.

Therefore, fans of RPGs are looking forward to the latest release from Larian Studios. The ambition and scope of Baldur’s Gate 3 are also reflected in its PC storage requirements, with the studio confirming it requires around 122GB of storage on PC.

Why it matters: Plenty of users already had the game installed, but Larian Studios confirms early access copies will not be compatible. Therefore, users will be required to download the game again.

Baldur's Gate 3
Source: Steam

Despite the large file size, Larian Studios has also clarified that Baldur’s Gate 3 will not be available for pre-load.

Pre-loads are extremely useful for users with slower internet connections. This would have come in handy for a massive game like Baldur’s Gate 3, but users will only be able to download the game on August 3.

Furthermore, the studio has provided a list of launch times for different regions. This should ensure users can download the game as soon as it is released in their region.

In addition to the storage requirement, Larian Studios has confirmed Steam compatibility for its latest title. While the game has not been verified yet, the developer claims it runs well on the handheld console.

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