Armored Core To Receive More Games, Says FromSoftware

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Armored Core 6 Successfully Revived The Series!

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  • FromSoftware wants to continue making Armored Core games.
  • They admit there is still room for improvement in the series, so they don’t want to stop anytime soon.
  • Armored Core 6 was a very successful launch for the studio’s classic franchise.

Armored Core is one of the biggest names in the mecha genre. This franchise was FromSoftware’s initial claim to fame before the developer exploded in popularity, making it an important part of its legacy.

The studio brought the franchise back last year with Armored Core 6. Following a successful launch, the creative director of FromSoftware, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has stated that he has a strong desire to continue making the Armored Core series.

Why it matters: Armored Core is currently in a similar position to Dark Souls. The latter was considered a niche title for many years, but it eventually exploded in popularity and became a mainstream hit.

Speaking in a recent interview, Miyazaki discussed the future of Armored Core. While many expected Armored Core 6 to be a one-off release for FromSoftware, the director hints that this IP will regularly receive new entries moving forward.

there is still room to make it better, so I have no intention of stopping there.

-Hidetaka Miyazaki

Armored Core 6 came out after a long hiatus when the franchise didn’t receive any entry for almost 12 years. To put things into perspective, the fifth game launched in the year 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Therefore, the sequel was a heavily anticipated launch from long-time fans, and it did not disappoint. Selling nearly 3 million units in a short span, this game successfully revived the series.

Future titles will likely build on this success, improving gameplay mechanics and expanding the mecha genre. Currently, this genre is starved for new entries, allowing FromSoftware to conquer another genre after it inspired various Souls-likes.

Armored Core 6
Combat from Armored Core 6

With Armored Core 7 all but confirmed, the team might have already begun work on the next entry. Each successive entry is also poised to attract a larger audience, holding the potential to bring mainstream attention to this genre of gaming.

With FromSoftware developing a reputation for releasing high-quality titles, a new mecha game from the team holds a lot of potential.

The last game clearly showed that modern audiences are open to trying games other than Souls-likes from this studio, making the future of the IP quite interesting for FromSoftware.

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