Armored Core 6 PvP Looks Stunning In Leaked Video

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PvP Includes 1v1 and 3v3 Modes!

FromSoftware has confirmed a PvP mode for Armored Core 6. The game will feature 1v1 and 3v3 modes, but there has been a lack of multiplayer gameplay.

However, a Japanese YouTuber recently showcased gameplay footage of the PvP mode. While the video has now been deleted, fans were quick to reupload it to platforms like Reddit.

Why it matters: Armored Core is returning after a long hiatus. FromSoftware’s new popularity has also grabbed the attention of millions of new fans.

Deleted/Private video from a JP YouTuber showcasing content that wasn’t allowed to be shown. Lock-on can be broken and as confirmed by our ACL folks, PvP/Arena will have no repair kits.
by u/ThatPerfectCule in armoredcore

The gameplay video appears to show the game’s 1v1 mode, which seems to be incredibly intense and exciting.

Like previous games, Armored Core 6 brings fast-paced movement during combat. This can be seen in the gameplay, with players rapidly shifting positions as they try and dodge incoming attacks.

It showcases the player locking on to the enemy, and this lock-on can also be broken. Additionally, it has been confirmed that the PvP mode in Armored Core 6 will not feature repair kits, forcing players to carefully strategize and execute each move.

While this gameplay already looks fast-paced and exciting, the 3v3 mode will add even more intensity to the PvP element. The swift movements should ensure players are always at the edge of their seats during combat.

FromSoftware’s Armored Core 6 is shaping up to be another solid title. The developer recently revealed that only 300 people worked on the game, making it even more impressive.

Elden Ring is widely considered among the best games of last year. Given FromSoftware’s excellent track record, Armored Core 6 may end up with the same success as Elden Ring. The game will be released on August 25 for consoles and PC. It will be available for nearly every console, including the last-generation PS4 and Xbox One.

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