Armored Core 6 Officially Launching On August 25

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New Gameplay Also Released!

A recent report claimed that FromSoftware’s latest Armored Core game would be released in August, later this year.

Following the report, FromSoftware has confirmed this rumor, revealing that Armored Core 6 will be released on August 25. FromSoftware has also shared a new trailer, along with more details about Armored Core 6.

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The upcoming title will introduce new combat mechanics like Assault Boost. This will allow players to transition between melee and long-range combat seamlessly.

FromSoftware has also introduced a stagger mechanic, letting players stun mechs through continued attacks. Furthermore, the game’s pace will stay between previous entries like Armored Core 3 and 5 to ensure fast-paced combat while remaining accessible to newcomers.

The classic large-scale bosses from games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring will also be present in Armored Core 6, with FromSoftware highlighting enemies like huge combat helicopters, armored mobile turrets, and more.

All of this should mean that Armored Core 6 provides an epic experience that FromSoftware fans have come to expect.

Following Elden Ring, the developer has become more popular than before, with expectations much higher than in previous releases. However, Armored Core 6 looks exciting and could capture an entirely new audience as it brings a new style of gameplay from the developer. 

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