Are Souls Games Really That Hard? Here’s My Opinion

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These Games Aren't That Hard!

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  • Souls games are often known for their punishing nature, which makes many players rage quit.
  • They aren’t meant to be hard, but they are unforgiving.
  • The best way to excel in such games is not to panic and avoid making the same mistakes.

The Souls genre is one of the most famous currently in gaming. FromSoftware did the unthinkable with Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, spawning an entirely new genre. This led developers to make similar games, popularizing the Souls-like.

Releases like the Game of The Year-winning Elden Ring are often considered hard, and they are in many ways. I have played every single FromSoftware release, as well as many other Souls-like titles. So, I have a fair bit of experience with the genre.

On the subject of difficulty, if a newcomer picks up the genre, then I would say it would be hard for them. However, this might not be the case for veterans who have been fans of this genre for a long time.

While these games are hard, they aren’t as hard as some fans make them out to be

Why it matters: Souls games challenge a person’s reflexes and quick thinking ability, making them quite intimidating initially.

Elden Ring Malekith
Elden Ring Is Hard But Not As Hard As To Make Me Frustrated And Rage Quit | Image By Tech4Gamers

My Own Experience

My first FromSoftware game was Dark Souls, and it was a memorable experience. However, it wasn’t that hard. The things that were hard were the unnecessary runbacks and aggravating enemy placements.

The same is the case with Dark Souls 3. It did have some challenging bosses, but they weren’t as hard as the community made them seem.

I’m finding Elden Ring too hard, is this game just not for me?
byu/MeringueFeeling inEldenring

Everyone likes exaggerating something, so it is better to form your own opinions on these titles. In Dark Souls 3, I was told that Dancer would make me quit, but honestly, once you get used to her rhythm, nothing else stops you from beating the Dancer.

I am not saying I am a prodigy who can easily go through FromSoftware’s titles. I have spent hundreds of hours honing my skills, but I still believe there is too much exaggeration about bosses being difficult.

Let’s take Elden Ring as an example. You can modify your entire experience since you have a ton of freedom. You can make the game harder and laughably easy, so I still don’t understand why people think Elden Ring is hard.

The game lets you respec 18 times, giving you enough opportunities to change your build for each boss.

Elden Ring The Lands Between Open World
FromSoftware Will Force You To Apply All Your Knowledge | Image via Tech4Gamers

Souls Games Aren’t Hard, But They Are Unforgiving

If you are doing a blind playthrough, then, of course, the experience will be hard for you. This isn’t just limited to the Souls genre. However, the games in this category are extremely unforgiving, as once you make a mistake, you have to face consequences. 

I agree that you are punished the most in this genre compared to the others, but that makes them special. Dark Souls is probably an anomaly among these since it has some moments that would make you rage quit.

[Serious] Is Dark Souls really as hard as people say it is?
byu/RedControllers indarksouls

However, the overall experience in any Souls title isn’t bad. Gamers are too used to grinding and brute forcing their forward, which can still be done in FromSoftware’s releases, but not to the extent of other titles.

The number of Souls/Runes you get from bosses is far more than what you get from grinding regular enemies. So, beating bosses is the best way to progress. If you are stuck anywhere, checking out a guide isn’t anything to be ashamed of, either.

Saving time is the most important thing, so don’t be afraid of using guides. Similarly, you can look up tutorials and tips on beating bosses, though I suggest avoiding cheese tactics.

In Elden Ring, the boss AI is extremely smart, so you have to be smarter to beat them. For instance, once you get used to Margit’s delay attacks, you can easily parry and best him in combat.

This goes for nearly all bosses, though some have a bigger focus on trial and error than others.

YouTube video

Git Gud?

Rather than saying how hard the game is, I think it is better to practice with bosses with a calm demeanor. You can also watch guides and practice avoiding the attacks you thought were first unavoidable.

This way, you will know what I mean when I say that Souls-likes aren’t as hard as people have made them out to be. This is the best approach, especially since Shadow of the Erdtree is said to be more challenging than the base content.

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