AMD Anti-Lag+ Set To Return, Promising Lower Latency For RDNA 3 GPUs

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FSR 3 Will Soon Be Even Better!

Frank Azor, the Chief Architect of Gaming at AMD, has announced that the company is going to bring back its Anti-lag+ technology, which will be improved for FSR 3. This technology was previously a rival to Nvidia Reflex.

However, it was withdrawn from various games due to unexpected bans on players using it in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch 2.

AMD AntiLag+
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FSR 3 without Anti-Lag+ leads to concerning latency issues for AMD. However, in certain scenarios, the software’s removal was more than reasonable because it harmed users with particular anti-cheat protections.

To compete against Nvidia DLSS 3, AMD currently boasts native FSR 3 support in 35 titles. The list of titles is expected to grow to 47 games by the end of this month, including the likes of Starfield and three releases from the Warhammer saga for further expansion.

Meanwhile, a mod allows the use of FSR 3 in games like The Witcher 3 and Dying Light 2. This mod can also be used in all games that support DLSS 3. Frank did not disclose any dates, fixes, or enhanced support, so we will likely see another variation of Anti-Lag 2, which reduces latency when FSR 3 is activated.

It is reasonable to assume that AMD will advertise FSR 3 for use alongside this updated Anti-Lag version, provided the latter is included in said game. According to Azor, it should not be too long before new supported drivers are released.

This will make AMD’s efforts to compete against Nvidia and its strong software suite more effective, making FSR 3 more capable as we head into the next generation of GPUs, expected in late 2024 or early 2025.

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