Activision CEO Teases Remakes After Merger With Xbox

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"We Can Take Games & Remake Them"!

Following the approval of the European Commission, CMA, and a victory over the FTC in court, Microsoft has finally completed its purchase of Activision Blizzard.

The announcement from a few days ago marked a massive event for the gaming industry, with two of the biggest publishers coming together. This merger will open up new possibilities, and Activision has recently teased exciting things for the future.

Bobby Kotick believes the acquisition will allow the publisher to revisit older IPs for remakes, among other things.

Why it matters: Activision Blizzard has a rich history of games. While the publisher has mostly ignored its smaller franchises recently, Microsoft’s support may be a turning point.

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Speaking to CNBC, Bobby Kotick recently discussed his thoughts after successfully completing the deal with Xbox. When asked about the benefits and the future of this combination, the CEO said:

“I think one of the benefits of this combination is that we can take games that have been in the library for 30 years and remake them.”

Remakes are more popular than ever in the gaming industry, with many finding the nostalgia from classic titles appealing. This approach to game development can also provide a solution to rising costs and development times.

However, Activision has not been one to pursue remakes. This was likely due to the publisher’s major focus on Call of Duty. Any remake or remaster would result in developers shifting away from the franchise, making it a risky project for the publisher.

Therefore, Bobby Kotick hopes to use the recently gained support from Xbox to revisit a few of the most beloved IPs. As for potential remake candidates, the sky is the limit for Activision.

For starters, Call of Duty alone has been a highly demanded franchise to receive the remake treatment. While the first two Modern Warfare games have received remasters in the past, games like Black Ops 2 are still highly popular and would serve as ideal remakes.

Other franchises like Tony Hawk, True Crime, and Prototype could also make for interesting remakes, with fans hoping to revisit these franchises through modern renditions once the merger was announced.

With the Activision take over, will Microsoft port any old Activision games to next Gen? I’d pay a ton of money for True Crime: Streets of La
byu/Tha_Sly_Fox inXboxSeriesX

Activision also owns the rights to a few of the older Tenchu games. Microsoft could use the current popularity of Japanese games to breathe new life into this franchise through a remake, even though FromSoftware owns the IP today.

Bobby Kotick has already teased a return for Rockband, and Xbox has shown interest in StarCraft recently. Therefore, fans can expect a number of revivals, remakes, and new games as a result of this deal.

In addition to remakes, the CEO has previously teased bigger ambitions and innovations for Call of Duty. This will be made possible through access to Microsoft’s class-leading technologies.

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