Activision Blizzard Gets Fined Less Than 0.01% Revenue

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For Not Disclosing Loot Boxes To PEGI!

Diablo Immortal made headlines for all the wrong reasons last year. While the game was a resounding success for the publisher, audiences were not pleased with the microtransaction model.

The game has once again appeared in the news, and unsurprisingly, the reason has to do with loot boxes. The popular video game ratings board, PEGI, has fined Activision Blizzard for Diablo Immortal.

This fine will cost the giant company a whopping 5000€.

Why it matters: Activision is a billion-dollar company, and many have found it hilarious that PEGI decided to impose such a small fine on the company.

Diablo Immortal Gems Director

Diablo Immortal comes with microtransactions and loot boxes like many free-to-play mobile games. However, PEGI was not made aware of this information at the time of submission for a rating.

Therefore, the board has imposed a not-so-appropriate fine. The company has, since then, made the required changes to avoid a similar situation for DIablo Immortal in the near future.

As expected, this fine will make zero difference to Activision Blizzard. The company owns billion-dollar franchises like Call of Duty, and games like Candy Crush are also prevalent on mobile devices.

Last year, Activision recorded over $7.5 billion in revenue, and the fine from PEGI comes out to about 0.00007% of this figure. If Activision’s revenue was insufficient, Diablo Immortal, the game responsible for the fine, has already made millions of dollars.

After its launch, Diablo Immortal was making $1 million from microtransactions daily. Two months later, it had made over $100 million. Despite the impressive figures, the poor reception led to some fans giving it the title of the most successful failure in the series.

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