Sony Report Hints 40% First-Party Games Will Be On PC By 2025

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Sony has recently shown a significant amount of interest in PC gamers. PlayStation has ported many first-party titles to PC, and it seems like Sony will continue to follow this strategy.

Though some recent ports, like The Last of Us Part 1, may not have impressed audiences, PC users have been enjoying the gaming giant’s output. A new Sony report claims approximately 40% of first-party releases will be on PC by 2025.

Why it matters: PlayStation has found a new market in PC gaming, with releases like God of War and Spider-Man being a considerable success.

Sony PC Growth
Source: Sony Report

A recent Game & Network Services Segment report from Sony has discussed the PlayStation 5 and future plans for Sony.

This report suggests that 50% of Sony’s upcoming titles for FY2025 will be released on the console only, and about 40% of them will be on the PC. FY 2025 covers the duration between April 2024 and March 2025.

Therefore, this should include games like Marvel’s Wolverine. Releases like Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok will be over two years old in the same period, making a PC release likely.

This is not too far from what Jim Ryan stated in a recent interview, hinting PS5 exclusives would be made available in a few years as PC users are satisfied with it. Therefore, FY2025 could see previous PS5 games coming to PC.

Another recent Sony reports claims the company is working on porting more games to PC platforms. This should be exciting news for PC gamers who have already been enjoying PlayStation-exclusive titles on the PC.

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