18 Titles From Xbox Showcase 2024 Headed To Game Pass Day One

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An Unbelievable Future Awaits Game Pass!

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  • The recent Xbox Games Showcase was so good that fans are comparing it to the likes of E3.
  • The showcase revealed a look at about 30 games, which had fans excited from beginning to end.
  • 18 of those games are coming to Game Pass, which is great for fans on a budget.

Last night’s Xbox Games Showcase was a sight to behold. It seems like Microsoft has its priorities lined up and is about to make a massive comeback in the gaming industry. The lineup it revealed yesterday has managed to create a buzz in the industry, and it isn’t going to stop.

Everyone compared the showcase to E3, which explains how successful it was. However, that isn’t even the best part. A new look at many games was revealed last night, and fans will be delighted to learn that 18 titles are heading straight to Game Pass.

Why it matters: Game Pass has not had the most growth recently. However, with such an incredible lineup, Microsoft may finally surpass the plateau it hit a few years ago. 

Xbox Games Showcase 2024 Ft
Many Major Releases Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass in 2024 and 2025

Fans saw a new look at many big titles yesterday, and all of them are promising. The excitement continuously increased from the first trailer to the last; that’s how good the showcase was.

The following are all the games that are coming to the service from the recent showcase: 

  1. Fable
  2. Avowed
  3. Mixtape
  4. Atomfall
  5. Perfect Dark
  6. Winter Burrow
  7. State of Decay 3
  8. South of Midnight
  9. Flight Simulator 2024 
  10. Gears of War: E-Day
  11. Doom: The Dark Ages
  12. Age of Mythology Retold
  13. Call of Duty: Black Ops 6
  14. Wuchang Fallen Feathers
  15. Clair Obscur: Expedition 33
  16. Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn
  17. STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl
  18. Indiana Jones and the Great Circle 

Big titles like Black Ops 6, Indiana Jones, Doom: The Dark Ages, and Fable are also coming to the subscription on day one.

Most trailers and gameplay videos were recorded in-game, so expectations have skyrocketed. We expect the service to grow more when games like Call of Duty are added to the catalog.

7 of the 18 have a release window of 2024, so they will be arriving on the same day as their release in the next six months. These include Black Ops 6, Stalker 2, Indiana Jones, and more.

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Meanwhile, others like Doom: The Dark Ages and Fable are coming in 2025. This year, it was revealed that the Game Pass has reached 34 million subscribers. Given that 18 massive games are coming to it soon, we believe these numbers will skyrocket soon.

Apart from the games set to join the service in 2024 and 2025, the likes of Gears E-Day, State of Decay 3, and Perfect Dark don’t have a release window yet. However, these were still among the best premieres of the event, so fans are excited about their arrival all the same.

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