PlayStation Bombarded With Showcase Requests After Xbox’s Event

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  • Last night, Xbox went all out and delivered its best showcase ever.
  • Following the event, PlayStation fans are asking Sony to hold a similar showcase next time.
  • Fans have bombarded the PlayStation Twitter account with comments asking the gaming giant to take a page out of Xbox’s book.

Last night, Xbox went live with a showcase that managed to set a new bar. Despite the seemingly unmatched hype before this event, fans found their expectations exceeded in nearly every way.

Nearly every single reveal was mind-blowing, and every second of the show was worth watching, unlike the PlayStation State of Play and Summer Game Fest. Due to Xbox’s performance, Sony fans are asking for a showcase as good as last night’s event.

Why it matters: PlayStation already disappointed fans with a poor showcase last year. Without a showcase this year, fans are desperate for more communication from Sony.

PlayStation Showcase
PlayStation Fans Are Not Too Happy Right Now | Image via Twitter

After yesterday’s showcase, fans want a similar event from PlayStation. They have bombarded the official PlayStation Twitter account with such requests. One fan even told PlayStation to learn from Xbox.

PlayStation fans are also admitting how great the show was. Since big titles like Doom: The Dark Ages are coming to PS5, fans have even thanked Xbox for showing off incredible games that aren’t limited to one platform.

One fan hoped Sony would watch the showcase since the community wants a similar event. Another fan commented that the Xbox showcase owned everything recently, and only Bloodborme Remake could change that.

All in all, it seems everyone agrees Xbox had the best showcase so far.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake
Every Reveal At The Xbox Games Showcase Was Brilliant

We also agree with the fans on this one. PlayStation certainly needs to come out swinging for its next showcase. Fortunately, rumors suggest that something is being prepared for September. This is the same month when PlayStation is expected to debut the PS5 Pro.

It is important to note that PlayStation’s last event was a State of Play. While these typically don’t offer as much content, previous State of Plays, like the one from late January, showed new looks at games like Death Stranding 2.

Similarly, Sony went ahead with a State of Play instead of a showcase in 2022, with games like Resident Evil 4 Remake becoming the highlights. Therefore, fans were hoping for a similar showing again.

Here’s hoping that the rumored PlayStation Showcase will bring the excitement back.

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