Xbox Debuts Gears E-Day With Marcus & Dom Reunion In Prequel

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Experience Story of Locust Invasion On Emergence Day!!

Story Highlights
  • Gears 6 is titled Gears E-Day.
  • This is a prequel featuring original characters Marcus and Dom.
  • The game has been debuted with an in-engine trailer.

After months of rumors and reports, Gears 6 has finally been announced at the Xbox Games Showcase. The sequel has come five years after the last mainline entry in the franchise.

However, it seems the wait was worth it, as the trailer is nothing short of stunning. 

Why it matters: Gears was one of the best Xbox-owned franchises, and fans were really disappointed that it hadn’t received a new entry for so many years. However, the franchise is finally back and looks promising once again.

YouTube video

The trailer doesn’t give away too much since it doesn’t include gameplay footage. Instead, it’s just focused on in-engine cinematics but looks stunning nonetheless.

Marcus Fenix is back as the face of the IP. He is joined by series mainstay Dom. Both characters will join forces in the prequel to the original Gears of War as The Coalition tells the story of Emergence Day.

This will be interesting since the team will appeal to nostalgic fans through this approach. The origin of the Locust also holds a lot of potential for a narrative.

Gears 6
Marcus Fenix Returns For Another Action-Packed Adventure

As expected, Gears E-Day looked incredible. While The Coalition did not show any gameplay, the character models, environments, and more looked stunning. This is what we expect from this studio, and it seems Gears E-Day will not disappoint fans of Unreal Engine 5.

Unfortunately, the game does not have a release window for now.

While many titles were announced for 2025, Gears E-Day might not arrive before 2026. Still, if this first look is anything to go by, the wait will be more than worth it. Fans should also note that this Gears entry will launch directly into Game Pass.

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