New Xbox Strike Feature Can Lead To One Year Suspension

Online Play Suspension To Prevent Toxicity!

With the increasing popularity of online gaming, various platform holders have implemented measures to ensure players are respectful and interact with each other within a certain set of boundaries.

Like others, Xbox monitors whether players violate Mcirosoft’s terms when using their platforms. As there is always a threat of offensive conduct, Xbox has introduced a new strike feature to address the problem.

Why it matters: There are many cases where people face harassment and bullying during online gaming sessions. Microsoft hopes to prevent such instances through various steps.

Xbox Strike System Suspension
Source: Xbox

This new strike system has already been attached to every enforcement. The image above roughly highlights the system, and Dave McCarthy from Microsoft explains the strike system as follows:

“The system is similar to demerit strikes used in driver’s license systems in many countries.”

He explained that two strikes would lead one to a single day of suspension. However, four strikes would increase the duration of suspension to seven days. If this is not enough to stop poor conduct, players can be suspended for a full year after eight series.

Each strike lasts for six months. Once this period is over, the strikes will be removed from accounts. Players are also given the option to appeal strikes if they feel one was unfairly added to their account.

Xbox has added different values for each offense. Acts like hate speech can lead to three strikes, while profanity and cheating are limited to a single strike. Similarly, bullying adds two strikes.

Microsoft clarifies that suspended accounts do not lose access to purchased games and content. They can also continue to enjoy their library for single-player gameplay.

Not long ago, Microsoft introduced a feature to make online chatting less toxic. This was done by allowing players to record a 60-second video of toxic voice chats. Such clips would then be reviewed by the Xbox Safety Team.

This was part of Microsoft’s goal to make players feel comfortable while playing online. However, this feature alone was not enough, and the strike system is being introduced as an additional measure.

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