Xbox Making Huge Mistake By Skipping Pro Console This Generation

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PS5 Pro Will Have No Competition In 2025!

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  • Xbox doesn’t seem to be interested in launching a mid-gen refresh or a ‘Pro’ console this generation.
  • They launched the considerably powerful Xbox One X to rival the PS4 Pro last gen.
  • This could be a risky move for the tech giant due to the upcoming launch of GTA 6.

The last generations of both Xbox and PlayStation featured ‘Pro’ consoles. The PS4 got a mid-gen refresh in the form of the PS4 Pro, whereas the Xbox got its version with the Xbox One X. Several years later, Microsoft seems uninterested in another enhanced console.

It’s no secret that the Xbox Series X is more powerful than the PS5, although not by too much. However, with rumors about the PS5 Pro hinting at a 2024 launch, Xbox will soon lose its power narrative.

The only thing Microsoft is currently rumored to be working on is a refreshed Xbox Series X in white color.

Why it matters: With Microsoft choosing to step away from an upgraded console, the PS5 Pro could create the biggest gap between PlayStation and Xbox in terms of hardware to date.

Xbox Series X Featured
The Xbox Series X Has Not Lived Up To Its Potential

Power Was An Important Selling Point For Xbox

Phil Spencer and various members of the Xbox team proudly announced the world’s most powerful console in 2020. From the beginning, this was Xbox’s motto, positioning the Series X as around 10-20% faster than the PS5.

With the Xbox Series S|X falling behind in terms of sales and recent releases like Starfield failing to hit the mark, this is one of the only areas where Microsoft currently has a lead over Sony.

This decision is also odd, considering Xbox is still very much interested in powerful hardware. Last month, Microsoft announced its next-generation console would offer the biggest technical leap, showing a commitment to quality hardware.

During the last generation, the upgraded Microsoft console became the best platform for certain third-party games. Red Dead Redemption 2, for example, was best played on the Xbox One X at 4K 30FPS.

This helped Microsoft stay relevant in the higher-end market. However, with no signs of an Xbox Series X Pro, the PS5 Pro will become the definitive console platform for those unwilling to compromise on visuals and frame rate.

Expected to be around 50% more capable than the base console, the PS5 Pro could offer 60FPS gameplay in titles otherwise locked at 30FPS. Recent releases like Dragon’s Dogma 2 aim for 30FPS, showing that 60FPS is becoming more challenging to maintain on PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

However, with the additional capabilities of Sony’s mid-gen refresh, developers may be able to brute force their way to 60FPS and higher resolutions. The same will not be true for Microsoft’s systems if more capable hardware is needed.

GTA 6 Will Push Visuals With Ray Tracing On Consoles

PS5 Pro Could Be The Best Place For GTA 6 

GTA 6 has been dubbed the most important title of this generation, and rightfully so. No IP in the gaming industry has the brand recognition of Grand Theft Auto, and with GTA 6 skipping PC at release, millions will rush to buy consoles to play Rockstar’s upcoming release next year.

There is a very real possibility that GTA 6 will be capped at 30FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series S|X, but the PS5 Pro adds a new dynamic to this conversation. If this is the only hardware with a 60FPS mode, Microsoft’s decision will end up being a major blow.

Reports revealed that Sony intends to release the PS5 Pro in time for the launch of GTA 6. With no PC release in sight, those looking for the best GTA 6 experience will flock to PlayStation’s mid-gen refresh.

The prospect of selling millions of consoles with a GTA 6 bundle is enticing, but the lack of an Xbox Series X Pro means this will not be possible.

Xbox has taken an all-in approach with Game Pass and software features this generation. However, I fear that it may be neglecting the hardware market too much.

Avoiding industry trends might work for Nintendo, but Xbox is not the market leader. If anything, it needs to do as much as possible to keep PlayStation at bay, so an upgraded console was sorely needed.

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