Xbox Reportedly Dialing Down Console Marketing In Many Regions

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Focusing On Game Pass & Cloud Gaming Now!

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  • Xbox is giving its consoles less importance than ever.
  • A new report suggests that console marketing will take the back seat in certain regions, including Europe.
  • The company will focus on Game Pass, cloud gaming, and controllers in these parts of the world now.

This week has been a rollercoaster ride for Xbox console fans. Not too long ago, Xbox’s latest advertisement suggested that players no longer need to buy a console to enjoy Xbox.

Later, it was confirmed that Game Pass would see another price hike and become a much worse deal on the console than on the PC. Following recent news, a new report suggests that Xbox is dialing down its console marketing in many regions.

Why it matters: While the current generation hasn’t been amazing for Xbox’s consoles so far, it appears that Microsoft is no longer trying to bounce back.

xbox series s image
The Xbox Series S Could Not Change Things For Microsoft

As reported by Tom Warren, Microsoft will change its Xbox strategy in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in the near future and won’t promote the Xbox Series S|X consoles in certain markets.

Instead of focusing on the consoles, the company will promote Game Pass, cloud gaming, and controllers. Following this focus, Microsoft is expected to allocate less console stock for these regions.

If done right, Microsoft’s approach won’t be a huge problem. If Game Pass and the other segments go through sufficient growth, they could make up for the lack of major success in the console department.

It is also important to note that Xbox’s consoles don’t sell too well outside the US. Most other regions are dominated by PlayStation and Nintendo.

Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass Has Massive Tittles Coming Later This Year

Tom Warren states that he has been unable to verify this leak. As such, it may be best to take it with a grain of salt. However, it isn’t too hard to believe. Xbox’s recent decisions are all pointing toward a limited focus on consoles, so this seems like a natural step.

Fans should expect Xbox to gradually dial down efforts in the console segment moving forward. Even though new hardware for one more generation is already confirmed, Microsoft is more interested in Game Pass and cloud gaming.

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