Rockstar Says Bully Is Among Its Top 4 Most Popular Titles

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Rockstar Really Needs To Make Bully 2!

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  • Rockstar has shared its most popular games on its new launcher page.
  • GTA 5 is the most popular, but Bully is among the top four.
  • This ranking signifies the current interest in this IP, with fans continuing to demand a sequel.

Rockstar has multiple big franchises under its umbrella. While GTA and Red Dead Redemption are the most relevant today, fans also love Midnight Club, Bully, LA Noire, and more.

As the studio continues work on GTA 6 and prepares for its Fall 2025 release, it has given fans a new look at its most popular games. According to the data, Bully still stands as one of its biggest titles today.

Why it matters: Fans have demanded a return to this IP for several years. Leaks have also pointed at a cancelled sequel, though nothing official has come out of Rockstar itself.

Rockstar Games Launcher
New Rockstar Launcher via Twitter

The image above shows the redesigned Rockstar launcher page for the PC. It also lists the most popular titles on the platform.

To nobody’s surprise, GTA 5 is at the top. With over 195 million units sold and 50 content updates for the online mode, this release stands above everything else the studio has done in the past.

Elsewhere, Red Dead Redemption 2 and the GTA trilogy are on the list, followed by Bully. The latter is also the oldest title on the list, making its position all the more impressive.

Bully stands out as the most unique among the studio’s latest offerings. From the setting to its gameplay, it offers an escape from the traditional third-person shooter gameplay seen in most of Rockstar’s titles.

Bully Featured Various Activities And Mini-Games

This is likely why it continues to be among the top four most popular titles on the storefront. Perhaps Rockstar should use this as a hint and consider working on a sequel to break away from Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto.

This ranking also highlights the financial possibilities for a successful Bully 2 launch. While many believed a sequel would be a failure, Rockstar seems to think otherwise.

As for the updated launcher, it is speculated that the team is preparing to launch Red Dead Redemption on PC. While rumors about this port showed up not too long ago, an insider later suggested that fans would need to wait a while before hearing more about this PC release.

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