Game Pass On Consoles Now Much Worse Deal Than On PC

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Console Gamers Must Upgrade To Ultimate For Day-One Games!

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  • Game Pass is officially getting another price hike.
  • Console players must now spend $20 for day-one titles, while PC gamers will get the same deal for $12.
  • Moreover, console gamers who want to gain access to day-one games without an existing service will notice a bigger price hike than PC users.

Xbox Game Pass is still the best subscription for the money. However, Microsoft has slowly made it more expensive.

It was previously reported that the subscription’s growth had stagnated over the years. Following such reports, a major price hike for the service is on the way, which will make Game Pass a worse deal on consoles than on PCs.

Why it matters: Game Pass has proven to be one of the best things that happened to Xbox over the years, as it boosted many Xbox-exclusive titles as well as third-party indie releases.

Xbox Game Pass Featured
2024 Is One Of The Biggest Years For The Service

Following recent reports, Microsoft has officially confirmed the new prices. For new subscribers, Game Pass will be more expensive starting tomorrow, while the new prices will take effect in September for existing subscribers.

However, one major change has been made. To enjoy day-one titles, console users will have to switch to Game Pass Ultimate, which is priced at $19.99. On the other hand, there hasn’t been as big of a change to the PC-exclusive service.

PC Game Pass now costs an additional $2 but retains the benefit of day-one first-party titles. This audience will have to spend $11.99 to enjoy day-one releases like Fable and Doom: The Dark Ages next year, making it a much better deal for a whopping $8 discount.

Call of Duty Black Ops 6
Call of Duty Black Ops 6 Is Coming To The Service This Year

Also, since Microsoft has removed Game Pass for consoles, this audience will need to pay an additional $8 per month to retain access to day-one games through the Ultimate tier. On the other hand, PC Game Pass has only seen a price increase of $2.

Therefore, PC Game Pass is not only cheaper but has also seen a much smaller price hike when considering access to day-one games.

While the subscription remains a great deal overall, PC gamers are getting the best value for their money here.

Access to releases like Indiana Jones, Black Ops 6, Stalker 2, and more in 2024 alone for just $12/month is impressive. However, this is just the beginning since 2025 seems to have an even better lineup in store.

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