Star Wars Outlaws Plans To Fix Ubisoft’s Bloated Open-World Problem

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Ubisoft Going For Quality Over Quantity This Time!

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  • Ubisoft’s recent open-world games have been criticized for being too bloated.
  • Massive Entertainment will come up with a solution to this issue in Star Wars Outlaws. 
  • It describes that the game will feature meaningful content. The planets are also smaller than expected but denser.

Many games feature forced inclusions of open worlds, leading to a bloated and filler-filled experience. Ubisoft also decided to go open world with its upcoming Star Wars Outlaws, which was concerning for the fans.

The Ubisoft open world is known for being bloated, but Massive Entertainment has recently confirmed that Star Wars Outlaws won’t fall into the same trap. The team aims to remedy this problem.

Why it matters: Fans were concerned that Star Wars Outlaws would feature another bland open world, so Massive Entertainment’s statement is encouraging.

Star Wars Outlaws Visuals Look Stunning
Star Wars Outlaws Looks Incredible, But Fans Are Concerned Over Gameplay

IGN recently brought up the common criticism of Ubisoft’s open worlds in an interview. The team asked Massive Entertainment how it would avoid a feeling of bloat because of the content on offer.

Developers Gerighty and Karlson gave a thorough reply describing how they managed to solve this issue.

We don’t want things to be just big for big sake. We need it to be contained, always fun, always proposing different activities.

-Massive Entertainment

The developer confirms that whenever you see something in the game that stands out for whatever reason, these things are likely to be more interesting than the average open-world quest.

Massive Entertainment also described how these activities will be integrated into quests to fully use the open world. Furthermore, the maps won’t be too excessive. The team states that most planets can be crossed within five minutes in a speedster.

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Massive Entertainment also revealed that after every two or three minutes, players would notice something happening. These activities will be varied to keep the experience fresh for players.

All in all, the studio’s approach prioritizes quality above all else. Not only will Star Wars Outlaws be a visual feast, but it will also keep players busy with high-quality content.

While the recent previews have been more negative than expected, the developers remain confident. The game has been compared to Uncharted recently, which is always encouraging to see.

If it can revolutionize Ubisoft’s bland and bloated open worlds while delivering a thrilling experience in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars Outlaws might just be the best gaming adaptation this series has ever seen.

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